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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 1
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Dust-laden winds of the previous harmattan swept through the early weeks of January in the new year. The wind made one think of the Sahara desert as it yanked the oval-shaped leaves down from trees covering everything in a film of brown…


The sunday evening breeze felt chilly on the skins of Nath and Ken as both sat on a bench under the shade of the almond tree which stood infront, a little distance away from the male hostel building. One could see Nath in a blue three-quarter jean trouser and black polo and Ken in a stripped white and black three-quarter trouser, he also wore a black polo.

The security light from the hostel shone brightly on their faces because it was 7pm and already getting dark. They’d returned to school earlier in the day and after the dusting and arranging, they’d taken their bath and decided to rest and gist about the break under the lovely shade.

“My guy, watsup, hope you enjoyed the break?” Ken asked and brought out his phone from his pocket.

“Why not?, it was awesome, great!” Nath smiled gleefully as he leaned on the bench back rest and crossed his legs.

Ken grinned widely and shifted closer to him, “Tell me what made it great, did you find a girlfriend?” he whispered.

Nath laughed out loud and hard, then stopped and fixed his gaze on him in amazement, “Is that what makes an holiday great?” he asked.

Ken looked baffled, “You never cease to amaze me Nath, what would make an holiday great if not a girlfriend?”

Nath gave a chuckle of delight, then he smiled to himself quietly and said instead, “Tell me how your holiday was.”

On hearing that, Ken smiled broadly and unlocked his phone without saying a word. Then he clicked on gallery and started showing Nath nude pictures of the girls he had screwed and the ones he planned to screw.

“Guy, this is too much na, what if you get infected?” Nath asked in shock as he sat erect and collected the phone from him to have a clearer view.

Ken stared at him and suddenly bursted into laughter making his friend drop the phone and look at him with a red face of embarrassment.

“Whats funny?”
“Chai Nath, you’ve cracked my ribs,” Ken said hitting the bench they sat on in excitement. “Anyways, nevermind, tell me about yours” he requested still giggling.
Nath’s embarrassed face suddenly turned into a smile as the events of the holiday played in his mind.

“Ah! Nath, talk na and why are you smiling like one who just won a lottery?” Ken asked but was ignored as Nath kept on smiling and caressing his tiny beards.

“This is serious o” Ken exclaimed and touched Nath’s neck trying to feel his temperature to make sure he was okay. “Guy talk na, am curious” he pleaded.
“I found love, my dream girl” Nath replied still smiling.

“No wonder, love nwantiti, tell me more,” he friend urged.

“I met her at a party, she looked so beautiful and fresh, so sweet, so calm and loving but…,” Nath suddenly frowned and bent his head.

“But what,” Ken asked impatiently.

“I couldn’t talk to her.”

“Kai!” Ken exclaimed. “You don fall my hands be that na,” he complained in pidgin.
“It isn’t my fault, but what do I do now?, I love her so much.”

Ken sat for a moment scratching his head for an idea. Then an idea strucked him,” Come closer,” he whispered and Nath obliged. “You will have to…”

“Excuse me please,” a sweet melodious voice sounded making Ken stop his statement midway and look up while Nath also looked up and stare at the owner of the voice in awe with his mouth slightly opened…

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