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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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(Nath and Ken’s room)
Time checked- 6:00pm
Nath could be seen busy changing from one cloth to another. He looked like a teenager who was confused on what to do.

“Guy,” he called out to Ken who lay on the bed staring at him in amazement. “Is this one okay for me to put on,” he asked holding out a deep blue coloured chinos trouser with a white polo.

“Yes it looks good but you still haven’t told me where you’re dressing up to coz the Nath I know never goes out at night except to get some sort of fresh air,” Ken said and sat up.

“Wow!, that was a long answer,” Nath exclaimed and started putting on the cloths. “Anyways, I’m going to visit my dream girl,” Nath said and arranged himself.

Ken’s eyes bulged out in astonishment, “Gold!”

“Yes, Gold, any problem?” Nath asked as he walked to the storage cart beside the bedside stool and took out the powder container.

Ken sighed, “So you even want to apply powder on your face too, this is serious o,” Ken replied instead.

Nath smiled, “My guy,see ehn according to the girls, looking good is good business, so I gotta look good for my love.”

“Love nwantiti, ah go love o,” Ken giggled and added seriously, “Now I realise what it means to fall inlove, I’m sorry I tried forcing you to consider Joy,” he apologised and stood up.

Nath smiled, moved closer to him and they hugged. “It’s alright, we’re cool,” he patted his back and released him.

“Thanks man,” Ken smiled, then walked round the room with his fingers locked together. “This new semester is gonna be great coz I will stop seeing many girls and have one girlfriend which I’ll probably get married to, remember next year we’ll hit the big boyz level, final year, and we got limited time,” he stopped and faced him. “How do you see that?”

“Wow!, impressive!, very impressive,” Nath laughed and shook hands with him happily. “But never forget you’re here to study,” he added.

” I hear, Oya come de go, so you won’t be late, I’ll be going to Jeffrey’s room.”
“Yes,” Nath turned and picked up his phone from the bedside stool, then he noticed he had a new message because the phone light was still blinking. He unlocked the phone and read through the message, then smiled broadly.

“What’s that?” Ken asked moving to stand beside him.

“Dad sent me twenty five thousand…” Nath screamed stressing the thousand.
“Oh my! That’s great, no more bread and sardine, oboy! Correct soup go come jhare,” Ken jumped excitedly.

“Yes that’s right but better prepare to start cooking henceforth, coz I have someone I’ll now be visiting,” Nath winked at him, and walked to the door.

“No problem, prepare to stop eating too,” Ken said making Nath stop and look back at him.
“You no fit try am,” Nath laughed, went out and closed the door.

“Lover boy,” Ken smiled and also started preparing to go out too…

(Gold and Queen’s room)
Gold could be seen preparing to go out. She already had her trouser put on.

“Girl, where to? Remember Nath will be here anytime soon,” Queen said as she sat on the mattress with a plate of food in her hands.
“I don’t want to see him,” Gold shouted angrily.

“Nawa o, so is that the reason why you even refused to eat, c’mon girl, this isn’t right,” Queen said looking worried as she stood up and went to stand beside her.

“Please let me be,” Gold pleaded calmly and wore her top.

“No!” Queen retorted. “Just the beginning of a new semester and you’re behaving this way, remember lectures never start o,” she said and held her ear, shaking it in an advisable manner.

“I don’t care!, I love Jeffrey and I’m going to see him tonight,” Gold barked angrily again and walked up to the storage cart.

Queen stood and stared at her quietly while she applied a little white powder and wore her perfume, then picked up her phone from the reading table, turned and walked back to her, smiling.

“I’m leaving! Lock the door,” She perked her lightly on the cheek and turned to leave but Queen quickly held her right hand.

“Gold please, I can’t let you do this to yourself, remember he asked for s-x the last time but you refused, he might try forcing you today,” Queen pleaded.

Gold pulled her hand out of her hold and stared thoughfully into the space.

“Please think twice,” Queen pleaded further. Suddenly there was a knock on the door which made Queen smile gleefully.

“Come in,” she said.

Then the door opened and Nath walked in looking more cute than ever…

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