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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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(Gold and Queen’s room)
Time checked 7:05pm

Nath walked and stood in the middle of the room smiling charmingly.

“Goodevening,” he greeted looking from Gold to Queen. Gold simply ignored him, walked back and sat on the mattress.

“Goodafternoon,” Queen replied and made to walk past him but Nath held her right hand thus stopping her from moving a step further.

“You did this in the morning and now again,” he smiled and released her hand.

Queen also smiled back coz she perfectly understood what he meant. “I’m sorry! I’m Queen by name, nice meeting you Nath,” she apologised and stretched out her right hand for a shake.

Nath, still smiling accepted her hand, “Nice meeting you Queen, guess I’ll be seeing more of you henceforth?” he asked.

“Sure,” Queen giggled and pulled out her hand from his. “I’ll leave you two love birds for now, have fun.”

On hearing love birds, Gold looked up and eyed her angrily while Queen simply smiled at her and left the room, making sure to shut the door tight behind her.

After Queen had left, Nath stood with his hands behind his back, staring silently at Gold who also stared back at him but while Nath stared affectionately, she stared angrily.

After some minutes of staring and silence, Nath moved and sat beside her on the mattress.
“Please don’t come near me,” Gold pleaded looking scared as the light from the bulb shone brightly into her eyes.

“Alright, I’ll stay right where I am, no coming close,” Nath said and they became silent again.

“What do you want from me?” Gold asked unable to bear the silence.

“Simple,” Nath cleared his throat. “Tell me why you were crying in the morning,” he asked as his smiling face turned into a concerned one but surprisingly Gold just sat there and ignored him with her elbow supporting her chin.

“Talk to me please,” Nath pleaded after some minutes of silence but she still ignored him.

“This is bad,” he thought to himself and stared into the space, occasionally glancing at her. They sat close to an hour with Nath still pleading with her to talk to him but she choosed to remain silent.

“I guess you’re still not in the right frame of mind to talk to anyone but believe me, I’ll keep coming till whenever you wish to talk,” He said and glanced at the walk clock in the room, It read 8:15pm.

He sighed deeply in frustration and stood up deliberately dropping his phone on the bed, then he said his goodnight and walked quietly to the door.

“Nath!” She stood up and called as he was about opening the door.

“Yes!” Nath replied without looking at her.
“I’m in a relationship, I love my boyfriend so much and I believe he loves me too, so please stop coming here coz I know what you want and that I’ll never give you,” She said loudly but calmly.

“Do you really want me to stop coming here?” he asked and opened the door.

“Yes!” she replied folding her fist.

“I’m sorry but that will never be possible, Goodnight!” he stepped out and slammed the door.

Gold heaved a sigh of relief and made to sit back on the mattress but Nath’s phone caught her attention.

She opened her mouth wide in shock as she bent and picked up the phone…


Outside the room, Nath ran into Queen on the varenda busy pressing her phone but quickly stopped when she saw him.

“Nath!” She called and smiled, then added, “So fast.”

“Yes,” Nath smiled back, a smile that barely reached his eyes. “Goodnight,” he said coldly and walked away wondering if spending more than one hour with a girl who blatantly refused to talk could be termed as “So fast.”

“Ah! What’s wrong with him?” She asked rhetorically. “I just hope Gold didn’t do anything funny,” She thought as she stared after him, then turned and ran along the varenda to their room…


Gold still stood staring at the phone in shock, then the door opened and Queen walked in.

“Gold! what happened?” She asked walking up to her. “Jeez!, Don’t tell me Nath left his phone here?,” She asked in surprise.

“Yes he did,” Gold answered and sat down. “What do I now?, how will I return it, I don’t want to see him here again,” she said and dropped the phone, then placed her head in her palms.

“Wait, I met him minutes ago, let me go out and check,” Queen said and rushed out…
She ran along the varenda and down the stairs but couldn’t find Nath and she couldn’t go further coz it was late, So she quietly turned and headed back to the room…

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