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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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(Gold and Queen’s room)
Queen walked in looking confused. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she sat on the bed.

“Did you see him?” Gold asked.

“No!” Queen replied and pulled off her blouse.
“Please you’ll help me return the phone to him tomorrow,” Gold pleaded.

Queen stared at her, “I’ll do no such thing girl, you will do that yourself,” she said and stood up. “By the way, where’s the food I left here?, I was so much in haste to leave you two that I forgot to carry it out?” she asked.

Gold looked at her in surprise, “Food!” she asked.

“Sorry I totally forgot you were eating before he came, my mind was occupied,” Gold apologised and stood up too.

Queen sighed, “Gold I think you’re loosing it o, so you mean you forget I was eating before Nath came, hei! Wonders,” She exclaimed and turned, then she sighted the food on the provision locker and walked up to carry it. “So now, who kept the food here if not you, and it’s even covered,” she asked further.

“I don’t know please,” Gold replied as she moved to the wardrobe and changed into her nightie.

“Fine, maybe Nath did, hmm what a caring boo,” Queen giggled as she walked and sat on the edge of the mattress with the food, opened it and started eating.

“Boo?” Gold turned to her.

“No cow,” Queen chuckled, dropped the spoon she was using and carried Nath’s phone. “Bae, I think we need to do something about this phone o.”

“Do what?” Gold asked as took a spoon from the small plate cart and came to squat infront of Queen.

Queen looked at her in amusement as she scouped the food into her mouth, “So you’re now hungry abi?”

Gold ignored her and chewed slowly on the food in her mouth, then swallowed and asked again, “Do what?”

“Let’s finish eating first,” Queen said and dropped the phone again…

(Nath and Ken’s room)
“Hey guy, watsup na, how did it go?” Ken asked and removed his earphone from his ear as Nath walked in and lay on the mattress with an odd expression on his face which Ken couldn’t even figure out. “I guess it went bad?”

“She just ignored me for an whole hour, imagine?” Nath sighed. “Anyway, forget it, please I need your phone to call my dad and thank him for the money,” he said.

“Ah! Guy, where’s your phone?”
“I left it in their room,” Nath scratched his head.

“Which room?” Ken questioned.
“Which other room do you think?”
Ken’s interest was pricked and his curiousity reached its high peak, “Why?”
“She ignored me na, so I left my phone there so she’ll have no other choice than to bring it here then I’ll ignore her too to see if it’ll hurt her,” Nath explained.

“Kai! Sharp guy, oya take,” Ken grinned and handed him his phone.

“Thanks bro, By the time I’m through with my plans, she’ll realise Jeffrey doesn’t love her and will be seeking for my attention and that’s when the chemistry go strong wella,” Nath chuckled and dialed his dad’s number but his father rejected the call and called him back.
“Goodevening dad,” he greeted forming tired voice as he picked.

“Goodevening son, how is daddy’s boy doing tonight?” the dad asked over the phone.
“Fine dad, just feeling stressed out due to school work,” he smiled and glanced at Ken who nodded with the look of “bad guy.”
“Sorry son, you learn to manage, where’s your phone?”
“Oh!, charging it dad, how’s mum doing?”
“Always fine and beautiful son and how’s Ken?”

Nath giggled, “I trust her to always be especially with you around, Ken is fine too.”
“Naughty boy,” the father laughed.
“Thanks for the money dad.”
“Oh!, you’re welcome son,” the father replied. They spoke for about five minutes more then wished each other goodnight and hung up with the dad telling him not to let the beautiful girls distract his attention in his studies…

“That was a long call mehn,” Ken breathed.

“Trust my dad na, always talking,” Nath laughed and dropped the phone, then stood up to change. “I pray Gold reads the messages I drafted about her on my phone.”
“Did you unlock it,” Ken asked.
“Ah! Trust me na.”
“Guy you sharp wella, kudos.”

“Queen will fit you, she’s so cool and nice,” Nath said and pulled off his polo.
“Who’s Queen?” Ken wanted to know.
“Gold’s friend,” came the reply.
“Queen, Queen, Queen,” Ken muttered thoughtfully. “I hope she doesn’t turn out to be my facebook friend that blocked me coz I chatted about s-x,” he prayed silently. “If she’s the one, then double wahala…”

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