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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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“Yea pretty, how can we help you?” Ken asked smiling as he sat well.

“Please I’m here to see Jeffrey,” the girl mumbled with her hands behind her back.
“Oh! The SUG president?” Ken asked again and glanced at Nath who was still staring.

“Yes” came the reply.

“Nice, enter the corridor by your left and climb the stairs, when you get to the top, knock on the third door on the first floor.” he directed.

“Okay thank you” the girl said and turned to leave.

“Hey!” he called out again. “Remember the rules of not staying till 10:30PM and stick to it.”

“I will, thanks,” the girl smiled and left with her butt0ckz shaking like rattle.

“Nna ehn, Nath see beauty,” Ken exclaimed caressing his jaw and licking his lips as he watched the girl climb the short flight of stairs and disappear into the corridor. “Baby okwu, kai! So fresh and homely,” he praised further but Nath didn’t reply so he turned to face him. “Nath!” he prodded, surprised to see that he was still staring but with a closed mouth this time.

“Yea” Nath replied startled. “Ken, my dream girl, my dream girl,” he screamed excitedly.

Ken was taken aback, “So you mean that’s the girl and you let her go, just like that?”
“Guy, I was too shocked to speak. I never knew she studies here coz I aven’t met her here before,” Nath said and placed his head in his palms.

Ken checked the time and it read 8:26pm. “No wahala, we go gum here like chewing gum de wait for am,” he said in pidgin.

They waited and waited with Ken constantly checking the time and yawning tiredly while Nath was already asleep. After waiting for what seemed like eternity, Ken stood up, yawned and stretched then he rubbed his eyes and stared at Nath who leaned on the bench back rest half asleep. “Guy, are you normal, so you’re sleeping right?” he asked and slapped Nath’s head making him wake up and stand immediately.

“Is she here?” Nath asked looking around.
Ken stared at him and shook his head. “Mumu, no!, lets go in and sleep, it’s past 10pm,” he said and half dragged Nath to the pavement.

“But where’s she?” Nath asked still looking around.

“Don’t worry, we’ll search for her tomorrow, it’s late,” Ken said and dragged him up the stairs.

Inside their room, Nath still looked worried as the changed into their pyjamas and lay on the bed. The room had a double bunk but the preferred sleeping on their family size mattress which was on the floor.

“Dont worry, there’s tomorrow, now it will be “Searching for my dream girl,” ken chuckled and closed his eyes. Nath stared at him and smiled a bit, then he turned and closed his eyes too…


The next day, the students of “Heartland University” could be seen walking in groups of twos and threes chattering excitedly. Most of the students especially the new intakes could be seen walking to the registeration centre inorder to get registered coz it was a new session. The cleaners were seen sweeping and tidying the surroundings. Everyone was busy in his or her activity.

“Heartland University” could be termed as one of the best universities in town. It had well competent and management team of lecturers. The VC was a young woman of about 35. It had well equipped library, good hostel and medical facilities, a large football field and the best layout of sporting equipments and a cafeteria etc. The walls were high painted blue and protectefd round with coiled electrified wires. The buildings were arranged in one and two storey blocks with rows of bright pink bougainvillea plants planted along the fence and inbetween the paths leading to the male and female hostels. To say the least “Heartland University” could be termed as the best and everything about it spelt good…


Time checked 11:45am

Nath could be seen walking briskly in a pink shirt and black trouser. In his right hand was a file which contained course registeration papers and payment receipts.

That girls face kept reoccuring his mind. He had left the hostel that morning with Ken but right now he walked alone coz Ken had decided to take one of his numerous girlfriends for lunch.

He kept thinking of where the girl could be and was lost in thought then suddenly a movement startled him when he felt a hand being placed on his waist. Turning to face the person, he grumbled impatiently…

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