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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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(Gloria and Joy’s room)

Gloria walked into the room looking so annoyed. She threw her bag on the bed and sat down with her face puffed and swollen, looking as if the anger in her heart would make face burst.

“Ah Gloria, why is your face like this?” Joy asked as she walked up to her with a big loaf of bread and a plate of fried juice.

“You Idiot,” Gloria shrieked and turned to her, how dare you go with my boyfriend to fight for your stupid love?”

“Ehe hei!,” Joy exclaimed. “So it has gotten to the extent you now call me names?” She asked as she dropped the plate of egg and bread.

“Yes!” Gloria stood up. “You miserable b---h, fool,” Gloria cursed, pointing accusing fingers at her.

“Hei! Gloria, God in heaven knows that if you dare open that dirty gutters of yours to insult me again ehn, if you try am again, I’ll make sure I design that ugly face of yours,” Joy shouted loudly thus attracting the attention of Gold and Queen who’s room was next to theirs.

“What’s wrong? Why the exchange of unpleasant words?” Gold asked but was ignored as they continued shouting.

“You are the ugly one, love peddler, prostitute,” Gloria clapped her hands and shouted.

“You disgusting b---h that paid someone to pretend to be Jeffrey’s girlfriend so that Gold would break off with him and you take over, you thought I didn’t know?” Joy fumed.

Gold and Queen turned to Gloria at the same time and said “Ah! Gloria, so you did that?, thank you!,” then bursted into laughter thus surprising Joy.

“So you’re happy about that?” Joy asked foolishly.

“Yes o!” Queen said shaking her waist.
“And as a matter of fact, I’m now inlove with Nath so you’re just fighting for someone you’ve already lost,” Gold concluded and clapped her right hand together with Queen.

Gloria laughed out loud despite of her anger. “You see, you’re so foolish and I think you deserve an honorary award for your stupidity,” she said and eyed her.

“Yes, a big award at that,” Queen said.
Joy looked defeated and heartbrokened. “Why?” She asked turning to Gloria. “I thought you were my friend, I thought you said I could trust you,” she said with misted eyes.

“This is just the beginning dear friend,” Gloria smiled as she was no more angry. “You will pay more for betraying me.”

“And also for threatening me,” Gold added making Joy turn to look at her.

“G baby, goodnight jhare, continue with ya quarrel” Queen said as she hugged Gloria briefly, eyed Joy and left the room with Gold following her.

“I’m sorry,” Joy muttered to Gloria after they had left, forming crocodile tears and hoping it looked real.

Gloria was taken aback, “What did you say?” she asked.

“I said I’m sorry, please forgive me for betraying you,” Joy pleaded and knelt down.
Gloria was touched and quickly sobbered up. Then she moved close to Joy, pulled her up and hugged her. “I forgive you, even though it’s hard,” she smiled too.

“You will pay with your blood for the pains you’ve caused me,” Joy thought wordlessly, then smiled in pretence and said, “Thank you so much, you’re the best.”

Gloria released her, “Let’s eat, the egg is getting cold.”

“Yes sure,” Joy smiled wickedly and eyed her but quickly covered up with a fake grin…


“Babe! That was a good show, that Joy is such an idiot,” Queen applauded.

“Sure she is, trust me na,” Gold laughed.
“But it isn’t fair sha coz we actually went to settle whatsoever issues they had amicably but we ended up getting information that made us mock her inturn,” Queen said with little concern.

“Shuu, we did that na so Joy could shut up, she deserves the worst and even more,” Gold ranted.

“Yes she does but…” Gloria said and started smiling.

“But what?” Gold asked wondering why the sudden smile and why she was staring.
“Gold Gold!” she teased.
“Yes! What na?”

Queen cleared her throat. “Do you love Nath?” she asked causing Gold to smile broadly.
“I think I do, I’m beginning to like him small small,” Gold replied.

“Wow!” Good! Good! Good!,” Queen exclaimed. “So what’s next now?”
“As in, how?” Gold inquired.
“Nothing oo, don’t worry, lets go have a shower, lover girl.”

“I’m suspecting you o,” Gold chuckled.
“No probs, keep on suspecting,” Queen giggled and started to undress…

An hour later, they’d bath and eaten and they now lay on their mattress gisting and laughing. Little did they know that the sabre-tooth tiger lurked around the corner awaiting to struck…

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