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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Time checked-
The monday morning looked bright as the students of Heartland University were seen very busy. The registeration period was over and lectures were about to commence. The students especially the new intakes were the busiest as they tried asking directions to different lecture halls and other places.

Different cars and taxi’s were seen driving in and out of the parking space. Hawkers defied the university’s gate, edging closer and closer to the cars and taxi’s to offer peeled oranges, bananas and groundnuts for sale…

Gold and Queen were seen gisting and laughing as they headed to the cafeteria to eat. They were both in 300level and studied “English and literary studies.” According to their timetable, their lectures begins from 9:00am to 6:00pm, so they’d decided to eat first before any other inorder to prepare for the hectic day ahead.
They both wore pink cotton top and blue jean trouser, with a flat black open toe shoes and carried black designers handbag. They were often addressed as “QueenGold, the wonderful twin” by their coursemates though they weren’t twin.

“How does it feel like to be in 300level?” Queen asked as they walked along the main path with their right hands locked together and their handbag in the left.

“Great!” Gold replied smiling. “And you?” she asked.

“Awesome! Honestly 300level no be beans na,” Queen smiled too.

“Yes o but…” Gold started to say but stopped as she sighted Jeffrey coming towarda their direction.

“Girl, keep calm and brace up,” Queen cautioned.


Jeffrey walked up to them and stopped them from moving any further.

“Goodmorning,” they greeted in unison trying to sound polite.

“Morning,” Jeffrey smiled with his hands in his pockets.
“What again?” Queen asked.
“Well I came to tell Gold to have a rethink on her decision,” he said boldly.
“Never!” Gold retorted.
“Why?” he asked
“She’s over with you, so back off,” Queen added angrily.

“Fine then, prepare for war,” he grinned wickedly and walked away.

“Girl, that guy is mad,” Gold laughed as they resumed walking.

“Not just mad but very stupid too,” Queen giggled.

“We are prepared for him,” Gold said.
“Yes we are, fully prepared,” Queen concurred…

(Gloria and Joy’s room)
Joy was seen busy trying to get one or two things done before she left for lectures. She wore a blue shirt and black trouser which made her look corporate as she stood infront of the provision locker preparing Golden morn. While Gloria sat on the mattress looking very tired and weak with her towel tied round her body.

Joy then turned, walked and sat on the mattress with two plates. One contained the cereal she prepared and one contained biscuits.

“Let’s eat,” she said and handed Gloria a spoon but the cereal only made Gloria feel nauseate as she stood up and ran out to the toilet to throw up making Joy wonder what could be wrong with her as she stared at the open door.

Minutes later, Gloria walked back into the room looking drawn and wiping her mouth as she walked and sat back on the mattress.

“What’s wrong with you?” Joy asked as she dropped the spoon and looked at her.

“I don’t know o, I’ve been vomiting since yesterday,” Gloria replied.

Joy sighed and touched Gloria’s face and b----t, then screamed out loud in shock and shifted back.

“Why screaming?” Gloria asked looking surprised.

“When last did you use protection when you had sex?” Joy asked.

“Last year but why asking?” Gloria inquired.
“So you mean you never used protection with Jeffrey this semester anytime you guys had sex?” Joy asked again.
“Kai! Gloria, you are pregnant.”

“How?, that can’t be possible coz lectures just commenced,” Gloria said looking visibly shaken.

“Commencement of lectures has nothing to do with your being pregnant, I can’t believe you stooped so low to have unprotected sex,” Joy frowned.

“No, please tell me it’s a lie,” Gloria held her hands and pleaded.

Joy shook her head negatively, “No, it’s not a lie coz you are pregnant. I know when a girl is pregnant.”

“Oh no, I’m dead,” Gloria cried in pain…

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