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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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“Joy!” Nath muttered. She was the last person he expected to see, he’d even forgotten people like her still exist.

“Goodafternoon” Joy greeted smiling broadly as she place her hand on his waist. “I saw you from afar and decided to come meet you.”

“Wow! Lovely, thank you” he appreciated, then he gently and calmly removed her hand from his waist.
Joy frowned, “Why Nath?”
“Why what?” he asked in pretence.
“Why did you remove my hand from your waist?” she asked moving to stand infront of him.

“S--t!” Nath cursed under his breath. He disliked moments like this. “Joy please, you know I dislike public display of affection especially with girls who keep forcing themselves on people who are not their boyfriend” he added seriously.
“Nath!” Joy’s frown deepened. “Whats that suppose to mean?”
“Sorry but you know what that means. I never planned on seeing nor talking to you today so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll like to leave now” he smiled, pushed her stylishly out of the way and walked past her.
“Did he just push me?, Did Nath just push me?” she asked rhetorically as she stared after him with her hands on her waist, then she chuckled. “How dare him, I’ll deal with him,” she said angrily and started walking again…


(Joy and Gloria’s room)
Gloria lay on the bed inside the hostel room she shared with her quarreling friend, Joy. She felt very tired after being stressed out the whole morning. One could see her in a white crop top with no bra underneath and a pink bomshort. She didn’t even feel hungry, all that mattered at that time was for her to have a peaceful siesta.

Just then Joy walked into the room looking really pissed off and threw her handbag on the down bunk bed almost hitting Gloria with it.

“Babe, which levels na, who made you so angry that that you want to break my ankle with that heavy bag of yours” Gloria asked as she sat up and folded her legs on the bed.
“Isn’t it Nath, he hurt me again today, this new session” Joy sputtered as she sat on the edge of the bed and supported her chin with her elbow.

Gloria hissed loudly, “I thought it’s someone better,” then she shifted Joy’s bag and made to lie down.
Joy removed her hands from her chin and sat erect, “You won’t understand, I love Nath so much and if I can’t have him, no one else will,” she fired angrily and stood up, unbuttoning her shirt as she walked to the wardrobe.
Gloria goggled at her, then quietly lay on the bed wordlessly.

“Wont you say something?” Joy asked calmly turning to face Gloria but was surprised to find her lying down.
“In as much as I dislike Nath, he can never love nor date a lowlife love peddler like you” Gloria hissed and closed her eyes.
“What! Me?” Joy asked in shock but was ignored. “Anyway I don’t blame you,” she hissed, removed her shirt and her stood infront of the dressing mirror with her hands akimbo. Then she turned round and smiled seductively, “Nath must love me whether he likes it or not,” she soliloquized.

“Joy please stop this trash, this isn’t love,” Gloria pleaded.
Joy turned to her and hissed again, “I thought you were asleep, please don’t talk to me,” she shouted and eyed her angrily.
“Well you just disrupted my sleep with your craziness” Gloria eyed her too, then stood and walked to the locker they put their foodstuffs and squatted infront of it. “Tonight is the night Jeffrey and I will rock” she smiled.
“Boyfriend snatcher,” Joy clapped her hands in anger.
“Love peddler” Gloria retorted…

(Nath and Ken’s room)
Nath walked into the room looking tired and worn out to meet Ken who sat comfortably on the floor infront of a large plate of rice. He dropped his phone and file on the bedside stool and lay on the bed utterly exhausted.
“Obviously it didn’t work out,” Ken said as he scouped a spoonful of rice into his mouth, took time to chew it, then swallowed and said, “But worry not coz we must find her, anyway get up and join me.”

“I’m not hungry, please” Nath frowned and closed his eyes.

Ken ignored him and scouped a spoonful of rice, then he stood up, walked up to him and poured the food on him making him jerk and open his eyes.

“Ooh Ken!” Nath complained and sat up. “I told I’m not hungry.”

“Oya wait for me,” Ken said, then he walked to where they kept water, picked up a cup and scouped the water. Nath who sensed danger quickly rushed to the plate of food and carried it.

Ken turned to him and smiled, “Good boy, take spoon,” then threw the spoon to Nath which he caught and used to scoup the food into his mouth.

“Nath is inlove, and can’t eat,” Ken giggled while Nath just stared at him and then smiled…

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