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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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…”Nath is inlove and can’t eat,” Ken said smiling while Nath stared at him and then smiled…
(Gold and Queen’s hostel)
Gold and Queen could be seen in their room. Gold lay on her belly with her two legs swinging in the air while Queen sat with her legs crossed and her back leaning on the wall. They too use family sized bed and abandoned the bunk that was in the room. They both wore white bomshort, Queen wore an orange turtle neck top while Gold wore blue. Gold was going through the messages on her phone while Queen was reading a novel titled “ECHOES OF THE PAST by Noblequeen.”
“Oh love! Oh fire,” Gold exclaimed and turned to lie on her back.
“What’s wrong?,” Queen asked.
“Listen,” Gold said and sat up. “Each time I look into your eyes, it reminds me of the…”
“Abeg!” Queen cut her short. “If it’s about Jeffrey then I don’t want to hear.”
“C’mon girl, it’s my love we’re talking about here,” Gold said in her American accent.

“Love fire!” Queen hissed. “That cheater, it seems you haven’t heard he’s also seeing Gloria, that Joy’s friend that carries herself about like a proud peacock,” She added and closed the novel.
“It’s a lie,” Gold spat out. “My Jeffrey can never cheat on me.”
“Well I think your brain has been disorientated but nevermind, sooner or later, you will realise,” Queen whispered. “Anyways, forget Jeffrey and tell me about that guy you saw at the party, you said you saw him again last night,” she requested, dropped the book and folded her hands in anticipation.

“Oh that!” Gold smiled widely. “I just like the guy but I don’t love him coz I have Jeffrey.”
“Wow!, What’s his name?”
“Um! Not sure though but I heard someone call him Nath at the party. He’s cute and I think he will fit you,” Gold teased.
“Oh please!, spare me,” Queen smiled.
Gold chuckled, “Fine then, so tell me what you have against Jeffrey?”
“Will you let me stay here or not?” Queen asked frowning.
“Of coz yes darling,” Gold smiled and tickled her making her frowned face turn into a beautiful smile…

(Jeffrey and Felix’s room)


“Hello honey,” Gloria greeted as she poked her head into the room holding the half open door. She wore a short tight fitting skirt and sleeveless top which exposed a greater part of her b----t.

Felix, who lay on the big size mattress which was on the floor playing games on gisted laptop hissed loudly and closed his laptop while Jeffrey smiled and dropped the phone he was holding.

“Oh baby, come in,” Jeffrey said grinning from ear to ear. Gloria walked in seductively and sat on Jeffrey’s lap.

“I missed you baby” She smiled and kissed him.

“I missed you more,” Jeffrey said as he bit his lower lip and sq££zed her a-s. “Can’t wait to rock and jam.”

Felix cleared his throat, “Guy see you later,” he eyed Gloria and left the room.
“Wait baby,” Jeffrey excused himself and stood up to lock the door. Then he walked back to the bed, picked up Felix laptop, dropped it on the floor and jumped on Gloria who threw away her handbag and wrapped her hands on his neck. Soon their lips were locked in a fierce kiss. Jeffrey kissed her long and hard as he fondled her b----t making her m0an in pleasure. Soon their clothes were see flying in different directions.

“C’mon let me take you to the world of beyond,” Jeffrey smiled, pulled up to the middle of the bed and started kissing her all over…


(Nath and Ken’s room)

Felix walked into the room looking pissed off. He ignored Ken’s laughter and jumped on the bed.

“Another Jeffrey wahala,” Nath giggled as he shifted on the bed to give Felix enough space to lie down.

“I tell you, no be small thing,” Ken continued laughing.

“Thank God you don’t do yours here if not, I’d be suffering too,” Nath smiled happily.
“But guy wait o, That Jeffrey is always mad at times,” Felix said angrily as he sat up on the bed.

“I wonder, every night different girls, thank God mine is only three,” Ken said and stood up to get a cup of water.

“Mumu, three you say only,” Nath eyed him.
“See you, comon girl you can’t talk to, you’re here sharping mouth,” Ken retorted making Felix laugh out loud.
“Which girl?,” he asked.

“One fine bae wey package wella,” Ken giggled and drank from the cup of water.
“Ah! When was that coz Nath has never been inlove?” Felix asked further, curiously.
Ken took time to swallow the water before speaking up, “She came here last night to look for Jeffrey o, and Nath said she’s his dream girl,” he replied walking back to the bed.

“What!, Gold,” Felix exclaimed. “Nath!, she’s Jeffrey’s girlfriend.”
“So she’s dating Jeffrey and you never told us,” Nath inquired.

“Sorry but Jeffrey wanted it to be kept secret,” Felix apologised. Suddenly there was loud knock on the door making them turn to look at each other with the look of “Are you expecting someone.”

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