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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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The morning was somewhat cold as the students of “Heartland University” walked around the campus trying to get one or two things done. It was still the registeration week thus meaning that the students were a bit free from lectures for about two weeks so they could choose to do whatsoever they like as long as it doesn’t contradict with the University’s rules and regulations, cars could be driving in and out of the campus, students walking briskly to the registeration centre, some running around with files, some dressed like prostitutes and some just lazing around feeling big. The guys especially the old students could be seen trying to stalk the new intake girls, while some students who claimed to be born again could be seen walking around in long sleeve shirts and skirts, with Bible which looked as if it was being plastered to their hands …


(Nath and Ken’s room)

Time checked- 7:45am

Nath opened the door and walked into the room with a big whites towel tied round his waist and another small pink one on his neck. It was obvious that he’d just had his morning bath. He walked to where they kept their water and dropped the soap dish, then he walked to the wardrobe to get dressed.

“Um! Guy, food no dey o,” Ken complained in pidgin as he lay on the bed fiddling with his phone.

Nath kept quiet and concentrated on applying cream on his body, then he untied the towel from his waist, removed the one from his neck, dropped them on the locker close by and quickly wore his boxer.

“Nath!” Ken called out again. “I said food no dey, I mean there is no food,” he said sitting up on the bed.

Nath kept ignoring him as he took two hangers from the wardrobe, put the wet boxer he’d washed together with the small towel in it, then took them outside to dry.

Ken looked baffled. He wondered why Nath kept ignoring him. He thought of what to do as Nath walked back into the room and cleared his throat.

“Ehn Ehn! Guy, what were you saying?” Nath asked as he sat on the edge of the mattress yawning.

“No food,” Ken repeated and yawned widely making Nath laugh a bit.

“Let’s eat bread with sardine na,” Nath suggested and lay on the bed.
“Tah!” Ken rejected.
Nath was surprised, “Why?”
“I won’t be satisfied please,” Ken frowned.
“No wahala na, then let’s stay,” Nath smiled.

“Why smiling?, Is it because of the food?”
“Was I?”

“Yes!” Ken replied. “I guess I know,” he whispered, then added, “Gold right?”
Nath smiled broadly and closed his eyes, “Search for my dream girl has been completed.”

“That’s true sha,” Ken concurred. “But now the big question is, Will you too ever be together?”

Nath opened his eyes and stared thoughtfully at the ceiling, then smiled again, “I believe so.”

“Untermed faith for love,” Ken giggled and stood up then he walked to the locker they kept foodstuffs, opened it and brought out a tin of sardine with a big loaf of bread.

Nath sat up and chuckled, “What are you doing with that?” he asked.

“I want to throw them away,” Ken eyed him and he smiled…


(Gold and Queen’s room)

Gold and Queen could be seen eating from a large bowl of conflakes.

“Honestly I keep having bad feelings against Jeffrey,” Gold confessed and scouped a spoonful of conflakes into her mouth.
“What bad feelings?” Queen asked and drank from a cup of water.

Gold swallowed hard, “That he’s cheating on me.”

Queen sighed and dropped her spoon into the bowl, “So, what are you planning to do?” she asked with concern written all over her face.

“I’ll set him up with my cousin, Bright, to see if he would fall,” Gold said and dropped her spoon too, then placed her right finger on her lip in a worried manner.

“But that’s a childlike suggestion,” Queen complained.

“Yea, but that seems to be the only solution I have now,” Gold said looking sober as she picked up her spoon and started eating again.
“Now this is really bad, but don’t worry, it’s well,” Queen smiled at her as she also picked up her spoon and resumed eating…



(Joy and Gloria’s room)

“I will deal with that good for nothing today,” Joy fumed as she dressed up.
“Who?” Gloria asked, applying make up on her face.

“Hei Gloria!, have you forgotten so soon?”
“Oh!, the plan right?” Gloria smiled.
“What else na, by the time we’re through with her, she’ll realise that we’re not pieces of meat you chew without needing a toothpick,” Joy smiled wickedly, then sat down and stared into the mirror.

“Kai! Suicide mission, this semester go hot like fire,” Gloria exclaimed as she and Joy exchanged victory glances at each other, smiling wickedly…


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