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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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(Outside on the first floor)
Joy and Gloria stepped on the pavement as Gloria locked the door. The hostel environment looked deserted as many students had left for their various activities and businesses. Suddenly turning round, she sighted Gold and Queen coming towards their direction.

Joy also saw them coming, so she opened her handbag, placed her phone inside and smiled at Gloria who smiled back.

“Fool, you think you can play games with me and go scott free, you will never have Nath, that I promise you,” Gloria thought as she stared at Joy in hatred, then smiled to cover up.

“Goodmorning,” Gold greeted them and made to walk pass but Joy blocked her way.
“What’s the meaning of this?” Queen asked as Gold stood surprised wondering what was wrong.

“Wow!, madam Gold, beautiful Gold!, boyfriend snatcher!, cheap s--t!,” Joy said smiling as she walked round Gold, then stopped infront of her again. “I have a request,” she folded her arms.

“Whats the meaning of this trash, how dare you stop me this early morning just to rain insults on me?” Gold barked furiously while Gloria just watched on, still smiling.

“Girl, let’s get out of here now, forget this,” Queen pleaded, held Gold’s hand and made to leave but Joy stopped them.

“I’m not done yet,” Joy eyed them and gestured to Gloria to do what they had planned.
Gloria smiled gleefully, “I’ve got nothing to say,” then folded her hands.

Joy’s smile gradually turned into a frown as she stared at Gloria but managed to cover it up. Turning to face Gold again, she fired angrily, “I’m warning you today to stay away from Nath and Jeffrey or face my wrath,” then she grabbed the key from Gloria’s hand, pushed her out of the way, opened the door and entered inside leaving Gloria outside.

“Don’t mind her, she’s just bluffing, I’m on your side,” Gloria whispered to Gold, then turned and walked into the room to meet Joy standing, stamping her left foot angrily with a puffed face.

“This is Crazy,” Queen said staring at the closed door to Gloria and Joy’s room. “How can Gloria who’s dating Jeffrey be on our side, or is she pretending?”

“They are not dating,” Gold shrieked turning to face Queen.

“They are,” Queen retorted. “Anyway let’s leave here, we’ll talk later when we get back,” she added camly.

“I’m not going anywhere again today,” Gold shouted angrily, then turned and walked back to their room leaving Queen standing speechless.

“What’s wrong with her?” a student who was passing asked.

“Nothing!,” Queen replied sharply and ran after Gold.

“Ehn ehn!” the student laughed. “Boyfriend wahala,” she clapped her hands and walked away…



“Babe you try wella,” Gloria praised in pretence as she dropped her bag and sat on the bed happily.

“How dare you betray me Gloria,” Joy turned to her angrily.

“How did I betray you?”

“You planned on slapping her and lashing her with words but you just stood there and watched me,” Joy fumed almost crying.

Gloria felt pity for her but she really needed to have her revenge on her so she continued her pretence. “C’mon Joy, you know I’m on your side, don’t worry I will deal with her, trust me,” she smiled and looked into her eyes.

Joy smiled foolishly, “Sure?”
“Trust me,” Gloria repeated and hugged her. “You knew I loved Nath in our first year, second semester but you quickly used your craftiness to lure him to yourself but I’m happy Nath doesn’t feel anything for you and I don’t feel anything for him again either, But just know that I’ll rather kill him than help you get him after you succeeded in betraying me, fool,” Gloria thought wickedly, then she released Joy, stared into her eyes and smiled in pretence.

“Do you trust me now?” she asked.
“Yes, wholeheartedly,” Joy smiled happily and wiped a tear…



Gold sat on the mattress fuming in anger and pain. She didn’t want to believe that Jeffrey was a cheat.

“No, Jeffrey can’t do this, he loves me,” she said bitterly.

“Please don’t do this to yourself,” Queen pleaded and sat on the bed too.

“I don’t want to talk to anybody,” Gold shouted.

“Keep calm, Jeffrey isn’t meant for you,” Queen said and made to touch her.

“No!” Gold screamed in pain. “Jeffrey loves me, they are lying against him, he loves me,” she cried.

Queen felt really pained to see her friend in that state. She pulled her into her arms, “Its alright, he loves you,” she said soothingly. “Jeffrey will surely pay for this,” She muttered and stared into the space…

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