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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 10
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Mr Edwards, Nath’s dad exchanged quick glances at his wife and then Bright. Then he smiled and asked, “So Son, what do you have to say about this?”

Nath sat and stared at his plate of food in deep thought as the parents and Bright waited for his response. Then he smiled gleefully as an idea struck him and he raised his head. “Alright dad, we will go for the introduction tomorrow then but we will have to wait till I graduate before further preparations after the introduction,” he said, pretending to be very happy. “I can’t wait to get married,” he added making Bright grin foolishly. Though his mother was surprised, she felt very happy as she rubbed his back lovingly.

“Wow! Son, you have made me proud,” the father laughed. “Ak!” he called out to the houseboy

“Sir!” AK shouted in reply and ran into the dining room.

“Bring me a bottle of wine and four glasses,” the father ordered.

“Yes sir,” AK snapped in authority and left to carry out the order.

Soon, AK came back with the order and placed it before them and left.

“Hei, this is good, very good,” Mr Edwards exclaimed as he popped open the wine and poured it into the glasses. Then he dropped the bottle, picked up his glass and raised it to his wife, Nath and Bright who had already lifted up theirs for a toast.

“My son!” the mother called.
“Yes mum!” Nath replied.
“I’m proud of you!” She said.

“Thanks mum,” he nodded and smiled at Bright who just kept on grinning like a fool…


Nath lay on his back with his fingers clocked together on his stomach and his legs crossed. He thought about his plans, then he smiled wickedly. “This is just the beginning coz by the time I’m through with you all, you will realise that Nathaniel Edwards is not someone to toil with,” he muttered and turned to lie on his belly but was stopped by a knock on his door. “Who’s that?” he called out.
“Your wife to be, please open up honey, am cold,” Bright pleaded from outside the room.
“A man and woman are not supposed to be together till they are married, please go and sleep, goodnight,” he said, pulled the duvet over his face and closed his eyes.

“Please honey,” Bright pleaded again but when it seemed he wasn’t going to answer, she turned back and went to her room in frustration muttering something intangible to herself…


Gold lay alone on the bed, crying silently as she kept on trying Nath’s number which was unreachable. Ken had decided to take she and Queen out but she had blatantly refused to go, so Queen went alone. “Oh God! Why is his number not going through, I really need to atleast here his voice,” She thought bitterly and kept trying but it was still not reachable, so she threw the phone on the bed in anger, then picked up the pillow and covered her face with it, “I might just dream of him tonight,” She said quietly and closed her eyes…
That Beautiful saturday evening, All roads led to Mr Peter, Bright’s parents house for the marriage introduction of Bright and Nath…
Minutes later, they both parties were sitted inside the large exclusive sitting room of Mr. Peter. Nath was marvelled at what he saw. The house looked bigger than his father’s house and well furnished too. “This man is stinkingly rich,” he thought as he adjusted himself on the couch and rubbed his palms in pleasure.

The introduction looked more like a traditional marriage as there were crates of beer, minerals, bottles of wine etc. His dad had planned and ordered everything the previous night.

After all the greetings and formalities, Bright was brought out by her mum. She wore a beautiful green buba and on her head tied a big gele making Nath wonder what time she had left their house.

After the important discussions, Mr. Peter popped open a bottle of wine and poured it into a glass. “My beautiful daughter, take this wine and show us your husband,” He smiled happily and handed the glass to Bright who knelt down and collected it with great joy and happiness, then stood up and walked to where Nath sat and knelt before him, smiling as she stretched out the glass of wine to him.

“They forced me into this, Oh God! Forgive me for what am about to do,” Nath prayed silently as he collected the glass of wine. Within a twinkle of an eye, he emptied the glass of wine on Bright’s face, then he stood up with his eyes flashing in anger and walked out of the house, ignoring his father who kept shouting in anger that he should come back…

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