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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 12
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Gold gasped in shock as she looked around the room. Everywhere was dirty and stinking too with stumps of wrapped stuffs and half cigarette littered round. She couldn’t fathom why she was tied up, so she screamed in pains and a masked guy came running into the room.
“Hey b---h, why shouting like a mad dog,” the guy asked as he walked up to her.

“Untie me now, you idiot,” Gold screamed.
“How dare you?” the guy shouted and slapped her left and right cheeks with both palms making Gold scream in out loud in pain.
“Next time you insult me again, I will make sure I design that ugly face of yours, daughter of a b---h,” the guy hissed and made to walk out.
“Please wait,” Gold pleaded and spat out blood from her mouth.

“Yes!” the guy stopped and frowned without looking back at her. “Speak,” he snapped in anger.

“Can you please untie me, I’m in deep pains,” She pleaded.

“What makes you think I’ll do that?” he asked irritatingly.

“Please,” Gold pleaded further.

“Wait till the boss gives order,” he said coldly and walked out.

“Oh God!” Gold cried bitterly. “Nath, where are you?” She asked rhetorically…


Mr. Peter was seen making a call as he sat on the couch in his room.

“Yes!” he said into the phone. “I want you to eliminate him, kill him, wipe out his entire family,” he shouted.

“Consider it done sir,” the caller said from the other end.

“Good, I’ll be waiting for the reports,” he grinned wickedly and ended the call.

“Edwards,” Mr Peter called after the call. “You and your entire family are doomed,” he laughed, then stood up and went down stairs…


The news of Gold’s disappearance was a shocking blow to the Authorities and managements of Heartland University and the students.

Every one became scared as they felt the school was no longer a safe place for all…

FEMALE’S HOSTEL(Gold and Queen’s room)

Queen sat on the mattress crying helplessly with Ken, Felix and some concerned students tried consoling her, But she refused to be consoled as they more the pleaded with her to stop crying made her cry the more.

Minutes later, Nath rushed into the room looking like a mad man, Ken had called him earlier when Gold was nowhere to be found and he had left the house in haste without taking anything with him. “Where’s my baby?” he asked immediately he stepped inside the room.

Ken looked up at him sadly, “We don’t know,” he answered, shaking his head negatively.

Nath stood tapping his left foot on the floor in anger, then suddenly turned to those present in the room and shouted “Jeffrey and Joy are involved in this,” then turned back and ran out of the room, little did he know that he was running into great danger…


Nath was seen walking and half running around the school searching for Joy and Jeffrey.

“God knows if I get hold of any of them, I will kill them with my bare hands,” he muttered. He really wondered how Gold was taken out of the campus without anyone noticing. Just then, he sighed Jeffrey at a distance and ran up to him.
“Jeffrey!” he shouted as he got close to him.

Jeffrey who was discussing with a friend turned to him and smiled. “Presido,” he said mockingly as he stretched his hands for a shake.

“Where is Gold?” Nath refused his hand and asked without smiling.

“Be calm and come with me,” Jeffrey giggled and started walking, gesturing at the guy he was speaking with to come with Nath.

Nath had so many questions to ask him but just kept calm and followed him without knowing that he was walking majestically into the lions den…


Mr Edwards was seen sitted in his sitting room with his wife. They were both discussing on how to go about the situation at hand when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” the wife asked as she stood to go open the door.

Opening the door, five able bodied masked men filled into the house making her scream in shock…

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