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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 13
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Mr Edwards, Nath’s father, stood up immediately he saw the men. “What do you want?” he asked as he reached out to his wife who had ran to his side, looking visibly shaken, and pulled her into his arms to make her feel better.

“Shut up and raise your hands,” One of the men who seemed to be the leader ordered and moved to stand infront of him while the other four moved and stood at each corner of the sitting room ever ready to attack.

“How dare you barge into my house with dead guns to order me about,” Mr Edwards fired at the man who stood infront of him.

“Honey please, obey them,” the wife pleaded, still shaking in great fear.

“Hey, it would be nice if you listen to your wife,” the guy ordered again and pointed the gun at Mr Edwards forehead.

Mr Edwards stared at the gun through the corner of his eyes and laughed out loud, then cleared his throat and said, “You know, mature criminals don’t go to someone’s house without protection like putting on mask or specs.”

The gun men looked at themselves in surprise. Then the leader spoke up, “We are not criminals, we are assassins.”

Mr. Edwards chuckled, “Immature assassins, Now tell me, who sent you and how much were you paid to kill me?” he asked, caring less about the gun which was still pointed on his forehead.

The leader was baffled, “This man is difficult,” he thought as he turned and glanced at the other men, then dropped the gun down.

“C’mon tell me,” Mr Edwards urged and held his wife more tight to himself. “Please hurry so you can leave, you know my wife will need me soon,” he smiled and pecked his wife lightly on the cheek making her smile a bit.
The leader stared at him and sighed, “Being a retired army general shouldn’t give you guts to talk back at assassins,” he said and folded his arms.

“Oh yes, it should coz y’all are immature,” Mr Edwards laughed. “How much do you need to let me and my family be in peace?” he asked again.

The leader smiled and licked his lips, “Two million naira,” he smiled.

“Good, give me some minutes!” Mr Edwards smiled again. Then he dragged his wife gently who was unwilling to follow him, upstairs to get his cheque book.

Minutes later, he came back down stairs alone still smiling with a cheque in his hand. “I’m sorry if I took long, you know women fears a lot and my wife is not an exception,” he apologised as he walked and sat on the couch. “Here!” he said and handed the cheque to the leader. “You asked for two million but I give you three million for your troubles.”

The leader grinned widely and nodded at his men as he collected the already written cheque.
“Please leave my house before I unleash my wrath on you,” he ordered.

Then the leader nodded at his men and they left the house quietly without a word.

Mr Edwards hissed loudly after they had left and closed the door behind them. “Bunch of fools, let me see how you will withdraw three million with a fake check,” he laughed wickedly and stood up to lock his door…


Nath was seen walking deeper and deeper into the forest with Jeffrey and the other guy. After about thirty minutes of walking, he couldn’t hold it any longer, so he stopped and decided not to move any further.

“Wait!” Nath ordered angrily and tiredly as he folded his arms.

“What’s wrong, don’t you want to see Gold again?” Jeffrey stopped too and turned to face him, then made furtive gestures at the guy that was with them.

“I’m tired of continuing with a fruitless journey, Show me where Gold is right now or I finish what I started days ago at the hostel,” Nath fired angrily and unfolded his arms.
“So you really want to see her,” Jeffrey asked, smiling..

“Yes!” Nath answered sharply.

“Fine!” Jeffrey said and whistled. Then the guy who had come into the forest with them clapped his hands once and two fierce guys walked out from the behind Nath and stood by his side.

Nath was surprised. “When did you plan all this and how did you know I will come looking for you?” Nath asked him.

“I’m not the Jeffrey you knew years back, I’m changed now and I plan my attack ahead of my enemies,” he replied. “Kill him!” he ordered the fierce looking men, then turned to Nath and said, “Goodluck mr Presido,” then walked away laughing wickedly…

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