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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 15
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Gold felt very weak, tired, hungry and utterly exhausted as she lay on the ground. She had been untied and hadn’t eaten any thing as the only food she could get was beatings which had left her with so many wounds and facial lacerations. She couldn’t stop wondering who was behind her kidnap.
Just then, Jeffrey walked into the building, smiling and licking his lips wickedly.
Gold immediately sat up as soon as she saw him enter. “So you’re the monster behind all this?” She asked in anger.

“Keep calm,” Jeffrey said as he walked and squatted infront of her. “Who else did you think?” he asked.

“Let me go, you fool,” Gold shrieked in pains.

Jeffrey’s smile widened as he touched her face witg his palms, then allowed his hand to slid down to her b----t.

“Get your filthy hands off me, you idiot,” Gold shouted and slapped away his hand in annoyance.

“If I were you, I would comply just to save my life,” he chuckled wickedly and grabbed her forcefully, not minding her wounds.

“You beast,” Gold screamed. “Let go of me now!”

Jeffrey only ignored her as he kissed her furiously and started loosing his belt.
Suddenly one of his boys walked in and excused him making him groan in frustration as he stood up to listen to what he had to say.
The guy whispered something into his ear which made him flare up in anger and run out, trying to put on his belt and totally forgetting about Gold.

Gold thanked her stars as she lay back on the floor and closed her eyes to pray…


Mr Edwards arrived the military zone thirty minutes after he had left his house. He parked his car outside the gate and got out. After making sure every where was locked, he walked majestically into the camp.

The camp was buzzing with activities when he entered. Those who were outside stopped their works and snapped in authority while those who were closer to him shook hands with him coz even though he was retired, he was still very much admired and respected.
After the greetings, he walked to the present Army General’s office to state his mission…


The General’s stood up immediately Mr Edwards entered the office and walked up to his desk, smiling ruefully.

After they’d exchanged pleasantries, they settled down to discuss.

“Welcome once again sir, to what do I owe this honourable visit?” the General asked as he adjusted in his seat.

“My son is in danger,” Mr Edwards said as he leaned forward and placed his hand on the desk.

“What!” the General exclaimed. “Impossible!”

“Yes impossible,” Mr Edwards concurred. “That’s why I’m here,” he added.

“Very well sir.”

“I need twenty vibrant young men for the battle ahead,” Mr Edwards requested.
“Honestly sir, just a call would have done the job rather than stress yourself to come here,” The General said smiling.

“Yes I know but its my son’s life we are talking about here, I can’t just sit back and give out orders,” Mr Edwards said and shifted back to lean on the chair he sat on.

“I perfectly understand you sir but I will give you thirty men incase of the norms and I will also come with you,” the General said and stood up.

“Thank you, I count on you,” Mr Edwarda said and stood up too, then stretched out his hands for a shake.

The General smiled broadly, accepted the stretched hands and shook it vigorously. “Anything for the boss,” he said and released his hand. “I’ll make the arrangements right away,” he said, excused himself and walked out.

Mr Edwards smiled in pleasure as he threw his car key high in the air and caught it again. “Son,” he said staring into the space. “Your father is coming to save you and those involved will pay dearly for causing you pains,” he concluded and walked out…

Outside, the General had already choosen the men needed for the task ahead. After series of preparations and short trainings, the choosen soldiers filed into five waiting hillux, well armed with different weapons.

Minutes later, the hilluxs, the General’s car and Mr Edwards car was seen speeding towards the highway…

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