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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 16
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The students of heartland university were thrown into another round of disorder and confusion as it was getting late but there was no sign of either Nath or Gold. The Vice Chancellor had been called and informed earlier and she was seen walking up and down the school waiting for the search parties to come back as she had informed the police of the sudden disappearance of the two students…

FEMALE’S HOSTEL(Gold and Queen’s room)

Some students were seen still trying to console Queen while Gloria who had also come to console her, squatted infront of the provision locker, trying to prepare something for Queen to eat.

“I really wonder what’s keeping Nath,” Ken complained as he sat on the mattress and kept trying Nath’s number which wasn’t reachable.

“Might be he’s in some sort of danger,” Felix said, looking very worried. “The Vice chancellor had called the police and some men were sent out to search for him,” he added.

“I pray he should be found,” Gloria said sadly as she stood up, closed the provision locker and carried the plate which contained Golden morn to the mattress and sat down.

“I really wonder what’s going on in this school,” Peace who was leaning on the bunk with her hands folded said.

Gloria scouped a spoonful of cereal and turned to Queen, “Please eat something, you haven’t eaten since yesterday,” She pleaded Queen who kept shaking her head negatively as her tears flowed in torrents.

“Let her just be for now,” Ken said to her and placed his hand across Queen’s shoulder.

Gloria sighed in frustration, “I just wish all this would end right now,” She muttered and lay on the bed with her hands behind her head and her face looking up at the ceiling…



Mr Peter paced restlessly around his sitting room, scratching his bald head at intervals.
“Honey please calm down and tell me?” what’s going on,” Mrs Peter pleaded.

The husband ignored her and continued pacing round the sitting room. “What’s keeping this idiots,” he thought and covered his jaw with his right palm while folding his left hand.

Just then, Bright emerged from her room upstairs, dressed in a long blue dinner gown which stopped at her feet, eight inches pink high shoes adorned her feet and on her shoulder hung a pink designers hand bag.

The father turned to her angrily, “And you, where do you think you are going to?” he asked, glaring at her.

Bright ignored her father’s angry expression and smiled, “Nath’s house of coz,” she replied.

“Nath what?” the parents shouted in unison.

“Nath’s house,” she repeated and made to walk to the door.

“Stop there, you idiot,” the father shouted and she halted. “Before I close my eyes and open, get back to your room now,” he fired and pointed upstairs.

“But dad…”

“Get out of my sight!” the father barked.
Bright knew her dad was serious and nothing would make him change his mind, so she turned and climbed the stairs, grumbling as she went to her room.

“Honey that was harsh,” the wife complained. “You shouldn’t…”

“Shut up,” the husband cut her short. “Last time they poured her wine, maybe she needs to be set ablazed before she knows what to do,” he concluded and walked outside, slamming the door behind him…


Jeffrey ran all the way with two of his boys to where he had left Nath with the two fierce looking guys but surprisingly, all he saw left of the place was ashes and Nath gone.

“What happened here?” he asked turning to face the guys he was with.

“We don’t have any idea boss,” One of the guys said as he looked round the bush for any sign of Nath.

“S--t!” Jeffrey cursed under his breath and placed his right hand on his forehead in anger. Then he suddenly remembered Gold and turned to the guys again, “One of you should go back and stay with Alo so you can guard the girl very well,” he said.

“Yes boss,” One of the guys saluted and turned to leave quickly but the sound of a gun shot stopped him.

“Hide fast, danger ahead,” Jeffrey ordered and ran towards the right…

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