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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 17
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Nath, despite of himself looked very scared as he heard the gun shot and quickly stood up. “Could it be Dad has come to rescue me?” he looked around, then started moving forward. Then suddenly he heard footsteps and rustling of leaves behind him and a voice ordered him to stop which he obeyed and turned round. “Joy!” he called in shock while Joy just stood staring at him with a smile on her face. She was dressed in a black top and black leggings and on her leg was a black high heeled shoes, she also had a gun in her right hand.

“How did you find me?” he asked still in shock.

Joy still smiling, moved closer to him. “I followed you secretly after you had confronted Jeffrey and I’m here to save your life but only on one condition,” she said and stopped smiling.

Nath was baffled, “What condition?” he asked and folded his arms in anticipation.
Joy walked and stood infront of him seductively, “You will have to denounce Gold and make love to me here and now,” she said seriously and rubbed her left hand on his chest.

Nath felt irritated, “Never, you b---h,” he yelled, held her hand and dropped it down forcefully.

“Really,” Joy chuckled.
“Yes!” Nath replied sharply.
“Then you have to die,” She said, cocked the gun and pointed it on his forehead.

At that moment, Nath regreted not putting atleast up to two defense device into his trouser pocket. “Is is how my life will end?” he thought as his heart started thumping fast in fear..



The students outside looked scared as the hillux full of armed soldiers drove into the compound, followed by two cars and pulled to a stop at the field which was on the right handside from the school gate.

The vice chancellor who was still walking up and down the path way that led to the gate almost had a heart attack as she she saw the tons of soldiers who jumped out one after the other from the hillux. She knew great trouble awaited her coz the soldiers didn’t come for anyone apart from Nath and Nath was nowhere to be found. Then she summoned up courage and walked up to where they cars were parked just in time as Mr Edwards opened his car door and got out.

“Goodafternoon sir,” the vice chancellor greeted as she stood infront of Nath’s dad, looking visibly shaken.

“Save the greetings madam,” Mr Edwards said angrily. “My son is in danger and I want to see him now,” he ordered and glanced at the soldiers who had positioned themselves in strategic points, ever ready for action.

“I’ve sent out search parties please and they are yet to return,” the vice chancellor replied still shaking in fear. She had never been so scared in her life before.

“My son was under your care and If I can’t find him in the next thirty minutes, prepare to face my wrath,” Mr Edwards shouted and leaned on his car.

The Army General who was already out of his car, walked to him. “Please sir, take it easy on her, I will order the men to go round the bushes and forest to look for him,” he pleaded calmly and moved closer to the soldiers to issue out orders.

Minutes later, the soldiers where seen filing out of the University’s gate in search of Nath.



Mr Daniels, Gold’s father threw his phone on the bed in anger. He had just received a call that his daughter was missing. “Unbelievable!” he shouted. “The Vice chancellor has a lot to explain,” he fumed, walked to his wardrobe and started bringing out the clothes he wanted to put on.

Mrs Daniels, his wife who heard his voice from the kitchen downstairs, rushed upstairs to the room to find out what was wrong.

“Sweetheart!” she called immediately she entered the room. “What happened?, I heard you shouting,” she asked as she walkedd and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Nevermind,” the husband said and tried to look calm coz he knew if he told her, she would faint coz she was hypertensive.

“I demand to know, please don’t hide anything from me,” she pleaded and stood up.

“I said it’s nothing,” the husband snapped.

“And I demand to know,” the wife said with a slightly raised voice.

“Fine!” the husband frowned as his anger beclouded his sense of judgement. “Gold has been kidnapped.”

“What! No, it can’t be,” the wife screamed and fell down…

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