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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 19
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Joy’s shocked face suddenly turned to a smile thus making Nath look back in surprise to see two guys walking towards their direction, one was masked while one wasn’t but looked very mean.

“Do you really think you can kill me?, Nath Edwards!” Joy laughed and stood up, then dusted her clothes.

“What games are you playing?” Nath asked as the two guys were still walking towards them.
“Love game,” Joy smiled and folded her arms.
“This is weird Joy, I mean how can you be so desperate?” Nath asked and folded his arms too.

“I love you Nath but if you push me, I will wipe out your a-s here and now,” Joy said as she stopped smiling and looked more serious.

Nath laughed out loudly making her stare at him as it was now her turn to look surprise.

“What’s funny?” Joy asked and nodded at the two guys who had stopped walking to keep coming.

“You are just funny. Do you really think you can kill me with this toy you call a gun?” Nath chuckled, then unfolded his arms and stared at the gun admiringly.

“Wow!” One of the guys who was masked exclaimed as they now stood by Nath’s side thus putting him in the middle. “You really have guts,” the guy said and pulled off his mask.

“Felix!” Nath shouted and moved back a little as he couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Yes!” Felix replied. Then he added “Presido” as an after thought.

“Are you also in this stupid game?” Nath asked further and glanced at the gun in his right hand.

“What do you think? That I was your friend?” Felix asked and smiled. “Come on Nath, you are surrounded by unfriendly friends.”

Nath moved closer and stood infront of him, then placed a hand on his right shoulder. “But why?, why are you doing this?” he asked staring deep into his eyes.

Felix ignored his question and said instead, “Your dad came to school earlier today with an army of soldiers just to look for you and to rescue you I guess.”
Nath smiled on hearing that. He knew his father would surely come to rescue him but then he stopped smiling and removed his hand from Felix shoulder. “So, what do you really want to do to me now?” he asked.

Felix face became mean as he turned to Joy who had been silent all this while and she nodded again. “Nothing, just want you to denounce Gold here or be killed,” he replied.

Nath giggled, “You guys are just bunch of fools especially you Felix. Very well then, if it’s because of Gold that all this is happening, fine! kill me coz I’m ever ready to die for the love of my life,” he said with a renewed confidence and handed the gun to Felix.

Felix couldn’t say a word nor collect the gun, he just fixed his gaze on Nath, wondering what made him feel so strong.

Nath smiled, then bent and dropped the gun at Felix feet, “Please don’t think twice, just kill me coz I can’t wait to die,” he said and raised up his two hands high in the air…

Mr Daniels paced to and fro the hospital’s reception while the two nurses kept running in and out. He knew how much he had suffered the last time he had brought his wife to the same hospital when she had fainted due to shock. “Oh God! Please save her,” he prayed silently.

Then the doctor on duty walked into the reception. He had a permanent smile on his face, as though he would break bad news to a patient with a smile. “Please sir, calm down and come with me,” he said to Mr Daniels who had rushed to him immediately he’d emerged from the corridor, then he turned and headed back to the ward where Mr Daniels wife had been admitted.


Mr Daniels immediately rushed to the bed his wife lay and sat beside her, then caressed her face with his right palm. “Doctor! How is she?” he asked and turned to the doctor.

The doctor heaved a huge sigh of relief. “Well we thank God, at first we lost all hope coz she had completely stopped breathing but after about two dosages of injection, she was able to breath again.”

“Oh thank God!” Mr Daniels exclaimed. “So what next now?” he asked.

“She’ll be fine, all she needs now is a good rest and enough sleep but you’ll have to go home and get her something to eat,” the doctor said.

“Okay doctor,” Mr Daniels said calmly.
“Good, I’ll be in my office incase anything comes up,” the doctor said and left.

After the doctor had left, Mr Daniels wondered who could have kidnapped Gold. “Could it be Edwards has a hand in this,” he muttered silently to himself…

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