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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 2
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Nath looked a bit scared as he stared at the two guys who were grinning widely. He still heard Gold’s soft cries and the more he heard it, the more he felt bitter. There and then, he vowed to do anything to save her…
“Hey!” The guy with the gun called out and pointed the nossle of the gun on his forehead. “You can’t escape this, So, You better stop planning on how to,” he said with a smile.

“Who is Gold Daniels to you?” the guy with the knife asked.

Nath now felt irritated as he stared at the guy in anger. “So this is what this is all about, huh?” he asked as he stood erect.
“How dare you question us,” the guy with the gun asked.

“I still don’t get it,” Nath said and placed his hands in his trouser pocket. “Who sent you?” he asked.

“What’s this guy up to?” the guys whispered to themselves.

Nath chuckled. “I’m fearless and if only you know me, You’d just back off now,” he said with a smile.

“Watch your mouth or I’ll be forced to blow your brains out,” the guy with the gun said loudly as he placed the nossle of the gun on Nath’s forehead again.

“Take this trash away coz it isn’t a real gun just like you, you guys ain’t real men,” Nath said as he removed his left hand from his pocket and slapped away the gun, locking more serious than ever.

The guys looked shocked beyond reasonable doubts. “Who are you?” they asked in unison.
Nath smiled as he brought out his phone. He loved moments like this, “I am Nath Edwards, the only cute son of a retired mi…”

“What? Mr Edwards!” The guy with the knife exclaimed as he dropped the knife and knelt down without letting Nath complete his statement. “I’m sorry please, spare our lifes,” he pleaded and stood up, then turned to the next guy and said, “Guy, lets get out of here,” he ordered fearfully and bent to pick up the knife but Nath kicked him hard and he fell face down thus shocking the gun who immediately dropped his gun down.

Nath stared at him with his eyes flashing in anger. “How dare you come into Heartland University to disrupt my studies, pull off that mask now,” he ordered.

The guy shivered in fear as he pulled off the mask in fear while Nath took a picture of him, then nudged at the one who lay on the floor to stand up, which he did and he also took a picture of him.

“Please don’t harm us, we will never disturb you again,” they pleaded in unison.
Nath smiled again. ” I won’t hurt you, just take me to where my baby is.”

“Okay,” they obeyed immediately as they led him to the last door on the left and opened it to reveal Gold who sat on the toilet floor weeping in pain.

“Oh Nath!” Gold called when she saw him, then quickly stood up and hugged him tight.
“Baby!” Nath breath. “Hope you’re not hurt?” he asked with concern written all over his face.

Gold couldn’t say a word as she simply shook her head negatively and held tight.
Nath turned to the two guys, “If you try this next time, you’re doomed,” he warned. “Now get out!”
The guys quickly turned and ran out leaving their gun and knife behind.
“Thank you!” Gold smiled in appreciation.
“Remember, I like saving those I love,” Nath smiled back as he kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her…


Nath released her and looked into her eyes, then smiled again. “Let’s get out of here, Gloria has been hospitalized,” he said.
“What! Gloria, why?” Gold asked in surprise.
“I was about finding out but Queen told me you were here, So I decided to come,” he explained.
“Queen!” Gold muttered.
“Yes! Why!” Nath asked.
“She betrayed me, let’s leave here, I’ll tell you about it later,” She said.
Nath sighed deeply. “Okay, as you wish,” then he held her hands and they walked to the entrance where they ran into the security.
“Goodafternoon Sir,” Nath greeted while Gold nodded.

The security looked from him to Gold, then inside the rest room. “What were you doing inside the toilet with a girl,” he asked, looking at them suspiciously.

Nath smiled again, “It’s not what you think sir,” he began.

“I’ll find out,” the security man said as he pushed them aside gently and walked inside, then minutes later, he came out again with a gun and knife.

“You actually tried killing a student while one is lying critically ill in the clinic?” he asked looking at them with fire in his eyes.

“This will be a tough one,” Nath thought as he stared at the gun and knife…

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