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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 20
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Gold and the guy continued walking deeper and deeper into the forest with the guy. “Where are we even going?” she asked the guy in fear.
“Just keep quiet and follow me!” the said without turning to look at her.

“I’m tired and I can’t go any further,” She yelled and sort refuge under a tree, and after a short pause added, “We’ve been walking for hours now and it’s getting late, I need some rest please.”

The guy muttered something intangible to himself, then walked back to where she sat, “This is what I dislike in women, the get tired so easily, no wonder they are called weaker vessels,” he fussed and sat down too.

Gold choosed to ignore him and leaned her back on the tree. Minutes later, she heard voices and drum beats, then quickly stood just in time as the guy also stood up.

“Where are you going?” the guy asked.

“To find out where that noise coming from,” She replied and started moving towards the direction of the drum beats.

“No, you can’t, it’s dangerous,” the guy held her hand.

“You can’t stop me, I will be back soon,” She said and freed her hand from his hold and started running towards the sound she had heard…


Mr Edwards sat on a chair beside his car discussing with the Army General and the Vice Chancellor.

“Madam, you told me Mr Daniels daughter is missing too, right?” Mr Edwards asked.

“Yes sir,” the vice chancellor replied.

“Now it’s getting more and more complicated,” the General said. “If they can’t be found within three days, then this university will have to be closed down,” he added.

“But sir…” the Vice chancellor started to say.
“I talk and you listen, remember two young lifes are at stake,” Mr Edwards cut her short.

“But sir, didn’t you put any tracking device in any of his stuffs?” the General asked, turning to face Nath’s dad.

Mr Edwards sighed in anger, “I did, I put it in his wrist watch but as it is now, he’s not even with the wrist watch after I had warned him strongly never to pull off the watch except he wants to take his bath,” he replied. Then added, “Sometimes I wonder why that boy doesn’t listen to instructions, When I find him, I will make sure I give him a knock on the head for that.”

“I’m sure we would find him, let’s keep calm and wait,” the General smiled a bit as he tried reducing the tension…


The soldiers divided themselves into three groups as the approached the forest.
“This forest is a big one and I know for sure that he and his attackers are here,” One of the soldiers said as they stopped infront of the forest.

“Yes!” Another soldier concurred. “He is here and we must find him, but remember don’t be quick to shoot inorder to avoid shooting the wrong person, now the search continues,” he ordered and ran immediately into the forest and the others followed suite with their boots making noise as the ran into different directions according to how they had divided themselves…


Nath still stood with a raised hand and a closed eye. It was so obvious that he wasn’t afraid to die.

After waiting for what seemed like a long time to him, he dropped down his hands and opened his eyes but was surprised to see Felix, the guy that came with him and Joy still standing and staring at him.

“Wow!” Nath laughed and picked up the gun. “You guys wanted me dead but now none of you can kill me, can someone please tell me why?” he asked and started romancing the gun.

Felix laughed too, “Don’t be so full of yourself because I am capable of killing you right now.”
“Then take the gun, blow my brains out with it,” Nath said and handed the gun to Felix which he collected. “Kill me now!” he ordered.

Felix smiled and glanced at Joy who nodded that Nath should be killed. Then he moved closer to Nath and said, “Say your last prayer!”

Nath chuckled and knelt down, then raised his hands high in the air, “I Nath Edwards can never be killed, so be prepared to face your doom in the next few minutes,” he smiled broadly, showing his dimples.

Felix laughed and cocked the gun, then he pointed it at Nath’s forehead, “I’m sorry dear friend but always learn to be careful with people in your next life,” he said and was about to pull the trigger but a gun short was heard.

Nath closed his eyes tight as he heard the gun shot but wondered why he wasn’t shot. So after few seconds, he opened his eyes to find Felix lying in his pool of blood and Joy kneeling in surrender with the other guy. Then he looked up and his joy knew no bounds as he saw the soldiers who had surrounded them…

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