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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 22
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After about some minutes of driving, Mr Edwards and the General arrived the forest and within of an eye, they had removed their guns from their boots.

“You all should wait behind,” the General said to the hillux drivers as he walked to one of the hillux and removed an Ak-47, then turned and followed Mr Edwards who was already running inside the forest.


It was already getting dark as they were fully inside the forest. They didn’t mind but kept running deeper and deeper as if they were running on a thorn free path.

Soon they reached where the other ten soldiers were guarding Jeffrey, Joy, the two guys and Felix dead body.

“Where’s my son?, did you find him?” Mr Edwards asked as looked from Joy to Jeffrey, then the soldiers.

“He left with the rescue team sir,” One of the soldiers said.

“What?” the General shouted. “Why did you allow him go?” he asked.

“Sorry sir,” the soldiers apologised in unison.

“That’s alright,” Mr Edwards said. “Five men should step out and switch on their torchlights, while five will wait behind,” he ordered.

The soldiers obeyed immediately and did as they were asked to do.

“Good, I’ll lead,” the General said and turned to leave but a voice stopped him.

“Please wait,” Mr Daniels called out as he ran towards them. “Let me come with you, the girl might just be my daughter,” he pleaded as he stopped infront of them breathing heavily.

Inspite of himself, Mr Edwards felt pity for him as he totally forgot about their quarrels at that moment, so he walked to him and placed a hand on his right shoulder, “Don’t worry, this battle is for only soldiers,” he smiled.

“Please, I can fight,” Mr Daniels pleaded further.

Mr Edwards smiled broadly, “Yes but you are not as strong as a soldier, I promise you your daughter will be safe,” he patted his shoulder and turned to the five choosen soldiers and the General, “Let’s go,” he said and ran foward while the soldiers and the General followed suite.

“Oh God!” Mr Daniels cried in despair as he stared after them. “Bring them back safe and sound,” he prayed and sat on the grass while the remaining five soldiers switched on their torchlights thus making that area flood with light…


Gold had been untied from the sacrifice table she was tied to before the soldiers came to her rescue and was asked to wait at a distance away from the battle field.

Though where they were was a thick and big forest, the ritual ground had been cleared up and turned to a dry ground and at one corner, was a small thatched house.

Gold’s eyes had widened in shock when Nath had arrived with the soldiers earlier and joined in the battle. Though the battle looked tough and fierce with three soldiers already lying dead in cold blood and five ritualist also lying dead, She had great faith and trust in God that the soldiers were going to win.

As she stood shivering in fear, her eyes widened more in shock as Nath’s dad, the Army General and five soldiers ran past her into the battle field chanting war songs. But unfortunately, a spear was thrown towards the direction Nath’s dad and his entourage had emerged but as Nath’s dad quickly bent to dodge it, the spear ran straight into one of the soldiers chest, making him shout and fall in pains as blood gushed from his chest.

Mr Edwards immediately rushed back to the soldier the spear had hit, bent over him and pulled out a dagger from his pocket and ran into the battle field.

Sounds of grunts and groans could be heard as the battle got fiercer and tougher. Some soldiers who had circled round just to shoot soon came running back as they fought, kicked and stabbed.

“Son! Watch out,” Mr Edwards called out to Nath as one of the ritualist was behind him with a dagger ready to stab him at the back but Nath immediately turned round and with the swiftness of an eagle, chopped off his head and he fell.

“Yeiii!” the Army General yield as one of the ritualist hit his head with a matchet handle. He quickly turned round, pulled out his dagger and stabbed him on the stomach, then threw a sidewards kick at the one who stood by his side thus sending him crashing down on the ground. After killing both men, he ran into the middle of the battle field, where five soldiers were finding it difficult to kill the leader to the ritual group.

Then suddenly, Gold began shivering again in fear, worse than before as a ritualist ran towards her with a long dagger that was curved like a snake and was about stabbing her but Nath who had been glancing at her from time to time, quickly speed up from where he stood and ran inbetween the ritualist dagger and Gold, and within a twinkle of an eye, the dagger drove straight into his right upper shoulder making him scream and fall down…

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