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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 23
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Immediately Nath fell to the ground, the Army General and his father who had stopped to see where he was running to quickly rushed to him as if a hero had fallen, just at the same time Gold also rushed and pulled out the dagger from Nath’s shoulder, then with great speed chopped off the ritualist head therefore making the blood splatter on her face and some on Nath’s body. Gold stood with the dagger in her right hand, breathing heavily as she watched the ritualist’s head roll like a ball and then stop at a little distance.

“Oh no, Nath!” Mr Edwards cried as he knelt beside him and shook him vigorously but Nath didn’t stir a bit.

From the way Mr Edwards knelt beside his son with his arm bleeding from the injury he had sustained, the General knew that he didn’t really care about the battle anymore as his son’s life was now his number one priority and looking up, it seems the ritualists kept increasing in number. So he stood up and shouted out loud to the soldiers who were still fighting without knowing what had happened, “USE THE DEFENSE DEVICE,” then pulled Mr Edwards up, carried Nath’s body and turned to Gold who still held the dagger with a confused expression, “Follow me immediately,” he said and ran inside the forest.

As soon as the soldiers heard that order, they all understood and quickly brought out their devices, litted it and ran out of the open field into the forest where they stood to watch the device explode…

Minutes later, the Army General ran past where Mr Daniels, the five soldiers, Joy, Jeffrey and the two guys were left behind, and headed out of the forest. Gold and Mr Edwards also joined him seconds later.

“My daughter!” Mr Daniels called out immediately he saw Gold also run past them but she was too far from hearing him so he also ran after them…



Nath was given first aid treatment by the General but it wasn’t working, so he carried him up again, opened the door to his father’s car and placed him inside while Gold also entered the car and closed the door ignoring her father who kept shouting her name as he also came out of the forest.

“Thank you, please handle the rest let me rush him to the hospital, I’ll be back after he has been admitted,” Mr Edwards said as he emerged from the forest and without waiting for another second, he walked and opened the front door, then entered and zoomed off.

“Please get your arm treared as well,” The Army General called after Mr Edwards even though he knew it was just a fruitless effort coz the retired General he knew would never treat his wounds after a war except all wounded others had been treated as well. Then he turned to Mr Daniels who stood, still staring after the car that was out of sight. “You can join them sir, they’ll be at the General hospital,” he said. “Excuse me please, I’ve got some things to tidy up before Mr Edwards get back,” he smiled and walked back into the forest.

“My wife!” Mr Daniels thought aloud, then quickly rushed to his car, opened and entered, then zoomed off too…


Nath was being take care of inside the ward while his father and Gold sat on the settee in the reception and waited.

“When and how did you enter my car without my knowing?” Mr Edwards asked Gold who had her head bent down.

Gold raised her head and looked up at him, “I entered before you came out of the forest,” she replied.

Mr Edwards sighed, “Good, so why did you follow me?” he asked again.

“Nath risked his life to save me sir and this happens to be the fourth time,” Gold said and forced out a smile.

“Impressive!” Mr Edwards exclaimed and nodded, “Is that the only reason why you followed me?”

“No sir, I love Nath, I love him so much that I get hurt when he’s hurt,” Gold answered boldly.

“You love…”

“Excuse me sir,” the doctor walked in and said, making Mr Edwards stop his statement midway. “I’ll like to see you in my office,” he added and walked out of the reception.

Mr Edwards stood up, “Wait here for me,” he said to Gold and left for the doctor’s office…


“Doctor please, how is my son?” Mr Edwards asked as soon as he entered without caring to sit down.

“Please sit down,” the doctor said.

“No, how is my son?” Mr Edwards snapped.

The doctor sighed deeply. “I’m sorry sir, the blade of the dagger is a poisonous one and he lost so much blood, we tried all we could to save him but…” the doctor paused.

“But what?” Mr Edwards asked impatiently…

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