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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 25
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After Mr Edwards had left, the doctor sat quiet for a while thinking about the issue at hand. “What if someone goes inside Nath’s ward and finds out that I was lying, what would become of me?, how could I have been so stupid to accept doing something so risky, something that could back fire against me,” he thought wordlessly. “No!” he shook his head negatively. “I have to call Mr Peter right away,” he said out loud, picked up his phone and dialled Mr Peter’s number which he picked on the first ring.

“Hello doctor, have the operation been carried out?” Mr asked excitedly over the phone.

The doctor sighed deeply and spoke up, “No sir, Mr Edwards strongly disagreed and I don’t think I want to do this any longer,” he answered.

Mr Peter chuckled, “You are joking right?”
“No!” the doctor replied sharply.

Mr Peter laughed over the phone a bit, then stopped laughing and sad seriously, “Be prepared to face the wrath of the oath.”

“It seems you haven’t heard your occultic group has been destroyed, so you are absolutely powerless now,” the doctor smiled.

“You seem to forget I was the second in command and I’m capable of getting another group to do my bidding besides you can’t back out now, do you know the risk I took before escaping from the battle field, do you know the danger I’m in if Nath isn’t dead before 12midnight?” Mr Peter shouted over the phone.

The doctor was beginning to shudder in fear coz he knew what’s next. “Please sir…” he began.

“Shut up!” Mr Peter yelled. “I give you thirty minutes to convince Edwards to allow the operation to be carried out so you inject him with the killer substance, if not you are doomed afterall I asked you to kill him inside the ward but you objected and brought this idea just to avoid suspicion so you better act fast,” he fired in annoyance and ended the call.

“Hello… Hello…” the doctor said but the line was dead. “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into,” he lamented and placed his head on his desk…


Gold sat beside Nath on the hospital bed. She wondered why he still needed to undergo the operation when he looked sound with a bandaged arm and why the nurses had acted weird and refused showing her the ward Nath had been admitted into, “Something isn’t right here, she thought and tapped Nath lightly on the left arm. “Nath!” she called and touched his face.

Nath stirred and opened his eyes a little, then closed it back.

“Nath! It’s me, your love,” Gold said softly.
Nath stirred again and this time, jerked open his eyes, “Gold!” he smiled happily and sat up.
“Sweetheart,” Gold smiled too. “Thank God you’re awake.”

“I’ve missed you so much,” Nath said tiredly as he reached out touched her face too.
“I’ve missed you too,” Gold said, then suddenly stopped smiling, “Something isn’t right,” she added.

“What’s wrong?” Nath asked.

“I think the doctor and nurses has something up their sleeves,” Gold said, then told him what transpired between the nurses and herself and how she had taken risk by checking from ward to ward for him.

Nath sighed deeply and pulled her close to himself with his good arm not minding her blood stained clothes, “A soldier that couldn’t be killed in a fierce battle field can never be killed by his enemies outside the battle field,” he said.
Gold smiled again, “I love your courage, thanks for saving my life again the fourth time,” she appreciated.

“I love you Gold, so nothing is too much for me to do for you, even though I never knew who the soldiers said was caught in the web of ritualists, I couldn’t stop thinking it was you when I heard the person was a girl, that’s why I followed them to the battle field,” he concluded.

“I love more Nath,” she smiled, stretched her head towards his lips and within a twinkle of an eye, they were both lost in the world of ecstasy and passion as the devoured each other’s lip.
Then suddenly, the door opened and Nath’s parent, Gold’s dad and the Army General walked into the room and stood staring at them quietly
Nath, who’s eyes were closed while they kissed felt someone was watching them, So he opened his eyes, only to find out that they were caught in the act…


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