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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 26
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Nath whispered something into Gold’s ear and they quickly disengaged. “We’re sorry,” they both mumbled an apology.

Mr Edwards smiled, “Do you want to continue, we can as well leave and come back later,” he said.

Gold glanced at Nath and looked down, it was quite obvious that she was scared of what her father would do or say.

“Um… No dad, please stay,” Nath said.
“Come on, don’t be shy, if you want us to leave, we’ll leave,” the Army General added.
Nath was surprised as he looked at them, wondering what was going on. “No please stay,” he repeated.

“Okay then, fine,” His father said, walked to the edge of his bed and sat down. Then he turned to Gold and said, “Come on, don’t feel embarrassed coz you did nothing wrong, your father is waiting to be hugged,” he smiled and patted her back.

Gold looked up at her father, then stood up and walked up to him. “Dad!” she called as she stood infront of him.

“My jewel!” Her father smiled and opened his arms wide for her to enter.

Gold smiled and moved into the waiting arms and hugged her father tightly. “I’m sorry dad,” she apologised.

“It’s alright my jewel,” the father said and kissed her forehead, then released her and placed a hand across her shoulder.

“Good!” Mr Edwards exclaimed and turned to Nath, “Son!, we’re leaving this hospital right away.”

“But why dad?, why so sudden?,” Nath asked.

“The doctor tried to kill you but he has been arrested,” the General said and walked to his bedside.

“Yes!” the father concurred. “I overheard his discussion on the phone but be rest assured, he and his accomplice will be dealt with.”

Nath heaved a huge sigh of relief, looked up at his mum and tried to stand up, so he could hug her but the mum quickly rushed to his side.

“I was so worried about you my son but thank God you’re still alive,” she said and circled him in her arms lightly to avoid hurting his wonded arm…

Minutes later, they left Nath’s ward to Mrs Daniels’ ward.

Mrs Daniels joy was unspeakable when she saw her daughter, alive and sound as she hugged her tight and also took turns to than everyone…


After much deliberation, the wounded soldiers that were admitted in the hospital were discharged and transfered to another hospital while the Army General had also left for the Army Barracks with Joy, Jeffrey, the two guys and the remaining soldiers but left behind the dead soldiers and Felix dead body which were put into the hospital mortuary.

After the General had left with his entourage, Mr Edwards turned to Mr Daniels and his wife, “Please remember our meeting tomorrow,” he said, smiling.

“I won’t forget it for anything in the world,” Mr Daniels said.

“We will be there,” Mrs Daniels added.
“Alright, see you tomorrow then, goodnight,” Mr Edwards said, then they hugged briefly.
“My jewel, let’s go,” Mr Daniels said to Gold who just stood with her arms folded.
“No dad, I want to spend the night with Nath,” Gold frowned.

Both parents were speechless as they glanced at each other in confusion.

“It’s alright!” Mr Edwards spoke up after some minutes. “We have so many rooms, you can as well come home with us if your parents agree,” he smiled.

“But she’ll need a change of cloths,” Mrs Daniels protested.

“Not to worry, we’ll follow you to your house to get her cloths but if it’ll be stressful, we can get her new stuffs on our way back,” Mr Edwards said and glanced at his wristwatch which was 9:45pm.

Mr Daniels sighed and glanced at his wife who shrugged in resignation. “Okay, we will drive to my house and get some cloths, then follow you to your house, how about that,” he asked and placed his palms together.

“Very well then, let’s get going,” Mr Edwards said, then turned and opened the door to his car.

Nath and Gold smiled at each other with happiness clearly written on their faces as they entered their parents car.

Seconds later, their cars could be seen driving up the highway and heading to Mr Daniels house.


“This will be a great reunion,” he said and turned to his wife.

“Yes!” the wife concurred. “I just wish we never betrayed them,” she added sadly.
“Same here,” the husband said sadly too…

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