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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 27
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After picking the things they’ll be needing during the short stay in Mr Edwards house, Mr Daniels and his family had driven back to Mr Edwards house as planned.

Thirty minutes later, after everyone had freshened up and wore their nightie, they all moved to the dining room to have dinner.

Dinner was jollof rice and fried beef with chicken and they ate in silence.

Minutes later, Mr Edwards picked up his glass of orange juice and drank from it, then cleared his throat and spoke up, “I have been anxiously waiting for a day like this,” he smiled. “Son!” he called.

“Yes Dad,” Nath replied and looked up from his plate of food.

“You know I once told you Mr Daniels and I were enemies?” the father asked.

“Yes dad!” Nath replied again and shifted uneasily on his chair as he glanced at Gold who sat beside him, smiling.

Mr Edwards gave a chuckle of delight, “Don’t be so scared son coz no one is taking your Gold away from you,” he said and turned to his wife who nodded happily.

Mr Daniels was surprised as he dropped his spoon in the plate and turned to look at his wife who was also surprised and then to Mr Edwards and his wife who were both smiling.

“No need to be surprised Daniels, our children has brought us back together again but as for now, nothing will be explained till my daughter, Kayla, is back coz I informed her earlier to fly into the country tomorrow morning and I hope she’ll get here in the evening,” Mr Edwards said.

Nath looked so excited. “This is so good to be true,” he thought within himself. “But dad, how about school and what about Ken and Queen, Gold’s friend?” he asked.

“I will call the Vice Chancellor, Heartland University will embark on a two weeks break to help you and Gold recuperate and within that two weeks, a lot will happen which I won’t tell you now,” the father concluded. “Please let’s continue with our food,” he added as he picked up his spoon and continued eating while the others did same.

Mr Daniels had a lot on his mind to say and lots of questions to ask but was too shocked to speak up, so he decided to have a private discussion with Mr Edwards after dinner…

After dinner, Mr Edwards went to his room to discuss with Mr Daniels, Mrs Edwards also went to her room to discuss with Mrs Edwards while Nath and Gold also left for Nath’s room to talk about theirselves…


The next day being monday, the students of heartland university were seen going about their various activities till when the Vice chancellor arrived and called for a meeting at the conference hall.


The Vice Chancellor informed the students of the happenings in the school. She told them of Felix betrayal and death, and also told them about Joy and Jeffrey’s arrest and detention.

Then she informed them about the two weeks break which she said was to help Nath and Gold recuperate and finally she informed them of the survival party for Nath and Gold that was to hold on saturday of the same week…

After the Army General had left the hospital, he and some soldiers had gone straight to Mr Peters house, only to find out from the wife and daughter that he had committed suicide after hearing that the doctor had been caught. So the doctor and others who were guilty of one crime or the order were detened while they awaited their court trial…


Ken was seen packing his stuffs happily while Queen who had also packed hers and waiting in the room for him just kept staring at him.
“Ken!” Queen called. “Why are you packing as if you won’t come back to school again?” she asked.

Ken just smiled as he dropped the shirt he was holding and walked up to the bunk where she sat, then squatted infront of her.

“We are both going to Nath’s house because Gold and her parent are there,” Ken said and held her hands.

“Nath’s house? Why?” Queen asked.
“Don’t worry, you’ll soon find out,” Ken smiled and kissed her on the lips lightly, then stood up to go continue his packing…

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