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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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A year after that, my wife delivered a baby boy while Daniels wife also delivered a boy and within a span of six months, Daniels wife also delivered another boy thus making it four children under Daniels care.

A year after I had joined the army, things became bad for Daniels and he couldn’t afford three square meals a day so I decided to take one of his sons to come live with me while I took care of his school’s expenses alongside my children. I also made Daniels a manager at one of the companies my father had handed over to me while I managed one. But all this while, Daniels never told the twin that he was their father for reasons best known to him.

Soon things became normal and better again and even though Daniels first son still lived with me, it didn’t still change the fact that Daniels had four children while I had two.

Three years later, the children were now grown up and in secondary school and Daniels first son had already started calling me “Daddy,” a name which I wasn’t comfortable with so I decided that Daniels should come take his son but he refused. I was surprised and asked him why and that was when he told me that the husband to the girl he had impregnated needed the boy for some sort of rituals and that he had told the man that the boy is dead. I was confused coz I knew hiding the boy wasn’t save, so I confronted the man unknowingly to Daniels.

The man told me that it was either I handed the boy to him for sacrifice so that his daughter who was a sickle would live long or I take an oath and sign an agreement that my son would marry his daughter when he was of age.

I was confused coz the penalty for not doing what the oath says was death, so in my bit to save my brother’s son, I took the oath without my wife’s knowledge and Daniels son was safe but he still stayed in my house…

Years after that issue was resolved, Daniels lied to me and made away with my huge sum of money to another country which almost made me become bankrupt. The incidence led to my wife finding out about the oath I took but she was able to forgive me after several pleadings because of love.

Months after Daniels had ran away with my money, His son became sick and was diagnosed of cancer and according to the doctor, the cancer had been in his system right from childhood but fortunately I was able to raise some money which was used in treating Daniels son.

Soon after, everything became normal again, Daniels came back and asked me to return his son to him but I refused. He took the case to court but since I was in the army and had many connections, I won the case while Daniels loosed and this was the beginning of our enmity…


Mr Edwards heaved a huge sigh of relief after narrating the story and it felt as though an heavy stone had been carried off his chest.

Then the room became as quiet a grave yard as everyone was buried in his or her own thoughts.
Minutes later, the silence was becoming unbearable, so Sly, Mr Daniels son decided to break it. “So now! Who is the man that married the girl dad had impregnated?” he asked.

“Mr Peter!” Mr Edwards replied sadly.

“Interesting!” Kayla exclaimed. “So dad, you actually wanted Nath to marry that sickler of a girl called Bright?” She asked in annoyance.

“Kayla, please this isn’t the time to put blames on anybody,” Mrs Edwards, who was now crying, pleaded.

“Why mum?” Kayla retorted. “Tell me why?” She asked almost shouting.

“Please calm down, I know it hurts but please for my sake,” Nath pleaded her and then turned to his father, “My question is the most important now because…” he paused and after few seconds continued, “Anyways nevermind, so now who are the twin?” he asked as he looked from his father to Mr Daniels.

Mr Daniels swallowed hard and shifted uneasily on the couch he sat on.

“Dad, I asked a question please,” Nath said.
“Ken and Queen,” his father replied while Ken and Queen giggled mockingly.

Nath chuckled, then asked in a serious tone, “Dad! You are joking right?”
“No Nath! That’s the truth,” Mr Daniels supported.

Ken and Queen stopped giggling immediately while Ken stood up, “When you all are done joking, you let me know coz as for now, I need some rest,” he said calmly but with a raised voiced, then he left and headed to his room while Queen also stood up and joined him…


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