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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 3
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Gold looked at the man, then to Nath in a confused manner. “Please sir,” She began.
“Shut up,” the man thundered which made her shook in fear. “What’s your name?” he asked and brought out a small piece of paper and a pen.

“Nath Edwards,” Nath replied and sq££zed Gold’s hand in a way of telling her to calm down.

“Good, you will hear from the University Authority soon,” the security said and left.
“Oh! Nath, I’m sorry,” Gold cried and threw herself on him.

“C’mon dear, nothing’s gonna happen, trust me,” Nath smiled.

Gold sniffed and released him, then looked into his eyes and smiled. “I trust you.”
Nath smiled widely, “Thank you,” he said and looked into her eyes too romantically.
Gold stared at him too, as their heads moved closer to each other and when their lips almost met, Gold quickly shifted her head back. “Nath not here please, let’s go,” She smiled as she held his right hand and they walked away…



The students of heartland University were seen sitted and waiting in anticipation to know the reason behind the sudden morning disorder.

The reason why the students and lecturers were in complete disorder and confusion was that it was very rare before the ambulance could be seen driving around the school especially on a monday morning and a new session for that matter.

The students waited and waited. Some were even running out of patience and the hall was getting noisy as they had started murmuring.

After what seemed like forever, the Vice Chancellor walked in sadly at the same time Nath and Gold walked in holding hands and smiling. The VC was a woman of about thirty five and looked very young. After the formal greetings and pleasantries, the VC walked to the middle of the hall and stood staring at the students. She actually decided to stand in the middle of the hall so everyone could hear her and from the look on her face, It was quite obvious that something terrible had happened and that made the students more curious.

“I have been the Vice Chancellor of this prestigious University for three years now and the going has been peaceful and smooth until now,” She began in her high-pitched voice. “And in my three years of being a Vice Chancellor in this University, I might as well say that today happens to be my worst day,” She sighed and shook her head painfully…


Joy couldn’t concentrate any longer ever since Nath walked inside the hall with Gold. She kept glancing back at them in annoyance, then suddenly she heard her name being called by the VC which made her startle and stand immediately…



The VC’s frowned and sad face deepened as she saw Joy standing.

“Go up there,” the Head Of Department, English and literary studies who stood beside the window on the left said angrily as he gestured to the podium.

Joy looked dead scared and was shivering in fear as she left her seat and walked to the podium. For a meeting to be held and she was called to stand before everyone showed that Gloria’s case was very serious.

Then the Vice Chancellor turned to face the students again who were murmuring. “A girl by name Gloria Anderson was being hospitalized and by God’s special Grace, she’s getting better and responding to treatment…” The VC said and paused again to look at the students who just stared at her wondering what was going on. Then she continued, “And the girl standing before you has been accused strongly by the said hospitalized girl to have given her poisoned a pill to swallow. The authorities have not yet come to a conclusion as to who is guilty and at fault here. So therefore a panel will be set up to investigate the matter thoroughly. As you all know, It has always been the duties of the managements of this Great citadel of Learning to keep you all posted and informed of the important happenings around here, be it good or bad. So therefore I urge you great students to keep calm, be wise and smart as you await the verdict which will be given by the panel that will be set up for the investigations. You may all go back to your different homes and hostels as the lectures for today have been cancelled but continues tomorrow, Thank you,” She concluded and walked to the podium where she sat down with other lecturers and waited patiently for the students to leave the hall…


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