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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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After Ken and Queen had left, Nath also stood up and held Gold’s hand while she stood up too.
“I’m sorry son,” the father pleaded, looking sober.

“I don’t have any grudges against any of you,” Nath replied. “Ken and Queen fell inlove with each other in school, so you’re gonna go through a tough time trying to make them see theirselves as siblings, goodnight,” he concluded and with that, he left for his room too with Gold following him quietly.

“Love, they were inlove,” Sly repeated after Nath had left. “Now that would be very tough because Ken can be very difficult, just like his father, goodnight everyone,” he added and also left for his room.

Kayla sighed deeply and adjusted on her seat, “Dad I have a solution to this,” she said, smiling.

Both parents eyes widened a bit as they shifted closer as if that would make the solution work out.

Kayla’s smile widened. She was well known right from childhood to be a very funny and stubborn child. “Well my idea is this, I don’t have any solution to your problem coz Ken is inlove,” She said calmly and without saying goodnight, also left for her room.

Minutes after all the children had left, Mr Edwards spoke up, “Daniels, I warned you! I pleaded with you to tell the children that you are their father but you refused, now see,” he frowned.

“I’m sorry, I was scared they won’t accept me,” Mr Daniels pleaded.

“This is no time to start crying over a spilt milk coz the deed has already been done, I will handle the issue myself, goodnight,” Mrs Daniels said and also left for her room while Mrs Edwards stood up, said her goodnight and joined her thus leaving only their husbands who sat thinking of a possible solution…


Ken sat on the edge of the bed with his elbows supporting his chin while Queen sat beside him with folded arms.

“I’m sorry baby,” Queen smiled and placed her hand on his back.

Ken sat up sadly, “I had always knew we had something in common coz you always had a way of making me feel special, but now…” he paused his statement and broke down.
“Please stop crying coz it isn’t the best, I love you and always will, remember you’re a man so don’t let life challenges weigh you down,” Queen said soothingly as she caressed his back lovingly.

Ken sighed, “I know but I can never stop loving you, I want to make you my wife,” he lamented.
“I’m now your sister, a twin for that matter. Don’t you see, we have been automatically stopped from marrying each other but the truth is that we can never be seperated,” She said, smiling broadly.

Ken turned to look at her as he thought of what she had said, then he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight, “I will always love you,” he smiled too.

Queen didn’t say a word, instead she hugged him more tight…


Nath was seen sitted with Gold on the bed. “I’m finding it difficult to believe this,” he said and threw his phone on the bed.
“Same here but why Ken and Queen, why were they the twin,” Gold muttered and shook her head negatively.

Nath sighed in displeasure, “Life is cruel.”
Gold smiled and held his left arm, “Life isn’t cruel, it’s the situation you find yourself that’s cruel,” she said.

“That’s true sha but what will become of Ken and Queen now?” he asked.

“God knows best, he alone can see us through, just cheer up please, we will talk about this tomorrow,” Gold said and kissed his forehead lightly while Nath just smiled and placed his head on her shoulder…


The doctor of the General hospital sat on a chair behind a table while the Army General bent infront of him with a recorder his right hand.
“You said Mr Peter never committed suicide right?” the General asked the doctor calmly.
“Yes!” the doctor replied sharply.
“Then why have you refuses to tell us what killed him?” the General questioned.
“Because it might kill me too,” the doctor replied looking very scared…

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