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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 5
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Ken simply refused to answer her as he kept smiling.

“Ken!” Queen called again. “Please talk to me.”

“Nath and I planned it, It was supposed to be seen at night but I guess this is how it was meant to so we could spend more time together,” Ken explained.
“Why did you have to go through all this?” she asked again.

“C’mon Queen, you asked too many questions, remember I’m still on my knees,” he said and licked his lips.

Queen smiled and moved to stand infront of him, then pulled him up and looked into his eyes, “Is it forgiveness that you need or a kiss ?” She asked.

Ken sighed deeply and scratched his head, “If you forgive me, then I can get the kiss and more,” he smiled and held her waist.

Queen giggled and circled his neck with her hands. “I forgive you Ken but I can’t kiss you.”

“Oh! Thank God you’ve forgiven me, I feel so happy and fulfilled right now,” Ken smiled and held her tightly. “So why not give me the kiss?” he asked.

“Ken, you’re dating numerous girls and you can’t do without sex,” Queen complained.

“You can change me, I really need you in my life,” Ken said pleadingly, looking sober.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Queen asked.

“I never believed in love till the first day I’d set my eyes on you when you came with Gold to return Nath’s phone,” Ken explained again.
“I’ve always loved you Ken, right from the day you started chating with me, and that’s the reason why I felt so hurt and angry when you insulted me on facebook but I never believed we could ever meet,” Queen said and caressed the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me,” Ken pleaded again and pushed his head further to her’s.
“Gold’s brother hacked into your account and deleted the post you made,” She smiled again.

“I see, so you and Gold are actually that close?”

“Yes, she and her family are like they family I never had, anyways let’s leave that for later.”
Ken grinned widely, “So can I get the kiss now?” he asked and licked his lips again.

Queen just ignored him and covered his mouth with her’s…


The kiss got hotter and hotter as Nath and Gold were now on the bed. They kissed and romanced each other for some minutes which made Nath feel carried away as he tried pulling off her blouse but Gold stopped and held his hands.

“Nath please,” She pleaded as she sat up and stared shyly at him.

Nath arranged his cloths and sat up smiling, then he caressed her hands, “You know that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had. I’ve never kissed a woman like that before, thanks for giving me the chance,” he said as he stared affectionately at her.

“I think I’m inlove with you Nath,” Gold confessed making Nath smile broadly as he pulled her into his arms again and hug her tight.
“I promise you this day, that I will never hurt you nor do anything that will make you regret falling inlove with me,” he breath.

Gold could only smile, “I just hope I’m doing the right thing,” she thought wordlessly.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door and the disengaged but still held hands.
“Come right in,” Gold called out.

Then the door was pushed open and Jeffrey walked in.

“Hey guy, watsup?” Nath asked as he stood and pulled Gold up as well.
“Save the greetings,” Jeffrey yelled furiously as he moved close to Gold. “How dare you cheat on me?” he asked foolishly as he raised his hand to slap her but Nath held his hand midway.

“Don’t you dare,” Nath fired and dropped his hand down forcefully.

“How could you stoop so low to snatch my girl away from me?” Jeffrey asked again.

Both Nath and Gold giggled, then turned to face each other as they kissed lightly on the lips which made Jeffrey go wild in anger.

“Oh Nath! I will kill you and make sure your body rots in jail,” he barked.

Nath laughed out loud, “Guy you don mad, honestly, how can you possibly kill someone and then the person still rots in jail?” he asked, trying very hard to control his laughter.

His laughter irritated Jeffrey the more as he rushed to the provision locker in the room and took out a small knife from the basket.

But before Nath or Gold could say a word or do anything, he rushed to them and stabbed Gold in the right arm…

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