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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 6
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Nath was shocked to say the least as he watched Gold fall and scream his name with her clothes soaked with blood. He immediately brought out his phone from his pocket and dialled Ken’s number, asking him to come help him so they could take Gold to the clinic coz he didn’t want to cause another by calling the ambulance…

Minutes later, Gold was rushed to the clinic with some of the female students following behind and Queen sobbing bitterly as she headed to the plenary with Felix, where the VC and lecturers were having a meeting about Joy’s issue, to report the matter.

Heartland University was thrown into another state of confusion and total disorder as the news of Jeffrey, the SUG president stabbing a girl had circulated like a wild fire…


The Vice Chancellor was mad with worry as she was being pleaded with to calm down and not to call the police. Reports were taken, Nath was asked to make a statement, which he did.

After all the necessary stuffs, All the students were asked to go back to their different hostels which they did, leaving only Queen, Nath, Ken and Felix in the reception. Gold’s arm had been cleaned up and bandaged but Nath was seen crying like a baby as he walked round the reception, his heart was filled with rage as Ken tried calming him down.

“I will deal with Jeffrey, excuse me,” Nath said and before one could stop him, he had already ran out of the Clinic…



Jeffrey sat on the mattress with his head in his palm as he regreted his earlier action. He knew Nath would surely come for him, so he decided to run for his dear life.

But as he was about leaving the room, the door opened and Nath rushed at him, and without saying a word, rushed at him and threw a quick punch which landed on Jeffrey’s jaw thus causing him to stagger and fall on the floor.

“Nath please, I beg of you, spare me,” Jeffrey pleaded with a mouth full of blood.

“I’m gonna kill you Jeffrey, I swear, how dare you stab the woman I love so much, do you realise the pains she going through right now?” Nath screamed as he attacked him with a big right overhand punch. Then drove his fist into him where he started landing solid punches into Jeffrey’s gut.

“Nath please,” Jeffrey pleaded as he held unto Nath’s colar, with his eyes full of fear as he shouted and pleaded for help coz he knew he was no match for the son of a retired Army General.

Nath went wild with anger as he Carried Jeffrey up, held his hands and twisted it backwards while he pushed him and made him lean on the bunk, then he kicked him in the g---n and threw him backwards.

Jeffrey whimpered in pain and collapsed, lying on his back, bleeding from the various facial lacerations and coughing in fits as he continously spat out blood from his mouth.

Nath quickly ran around the room, looking for what to use in hitting Jeffrey again but couldn’t find anything, so he took the empty enamel pail behind the provision locker and was about hitting him with it when a hand held him and voices shouted “STOP.”

“No!” he screamed out loud in pain. “Allow me to deal with this trash that doesn’t have an iota of respect for ladies,” he shouted.

“Sweetheart please,” Gold pleaded as she squatted beside him and caressed his back with her left hand coz she was stabbed on the right arm. “You don’t have to be so wild, atleast I’m not dead,” She smiled at him, then turned and eyed Jeffrey who lay motionless with his cloths designed with blood stains.

“He hurt you and that I can’t withstand,” Nath cried as he placed his palm on her cheek.

“I know but you saved me again, the third time,” Gold smiled as she stood up and pulled him up too. “Please just let him be, he has gotten what he deserves,” She said and hugged him tight.

Nath heaved a huge sigh of relief as he hugged her. For a moment, they both totally forgot the people who stood at the door post, watching them as all that mattered to them at that moment was just to be in each others arms.

They held unto each other for some minutes, till the Vice Chancellor cleared her throat making Nath startle back to reality as he released Gold and turned to stare at her in fear…

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