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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 9
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Lecturers had resumed duty and lectures continued. Gloria had been discharged and had pleaded for Joy to be forgiven and set free by the University Authority which they did but both of them no longer stayed together in the same hostel room as Gloria had moved in with Peace who was newly admitted while the Authorities decided that Joy stays alone in her room, then go about her normal activities like a pariah till she wrote her final examination.

Jeffrey was also discharged but the mantle of leadership as an SUG president was taken from him and handed over to Nath. But all that never mattered to Joy and Jeffrey coz they still had other evil plans up their sleeves but still pretended to be of good behavior..
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Nath was seen as arranging his box. He wondered what was going on at home and why his father needed him home urgently barely a month into the semester. “I just hope it’s not because of Bright o, coz if she’s the reason why am being asked to come home, then they will see my true colours,” he muttered as he put the last cloth in the box, closed it and stood up, then turned to Ken who sat on the edge of the bunk staring him.

“The going will be tough but you just have to be careful,” Ken advised.

“Yea I will, you know dad is a very difficult man but this time, he must listen to me,” Nath said, looking very mean and serious as he carried up the bag containing his laptop and hung it on his shoulder.

Ken could only sigh, “Remember to see Gold before you leave,” he smiled.

“She’ll come here,” Nath said, then smiled, “I will miss her so much,” he added.
Ken cleared his throat and scratched his head, “You can as well take her with you,” he giggled.

“I wish I could,” Nath frowned. Then suddenly, Gold walked in through the open door, smiling. She work a floral pink gown that stopped a little above her knee.

“Goodafternoon,”Gold greeted as she stood at the entrance feeling shy.

“Afternoon, but wait o, where’s Queen?” Ken asked as he stood up and walked to the door.

“She’ll come later,” Gold replied.
“Don’t worry, I will go there alone,” He replied and moved to the storage cart.
Nath and Gold just stood staring at each other while Ken applied a little powder on his face, picked up his. Then he whispered something into Nath’s ear and ran out, laughing.

After Ken had left, Nath walked and sat on the mattress, then dropped his bag on top and bent his head.

Gold was surprised coz the Nath she knows never behaves coldly towards her, so she moved and squatted infront of him. “Are you alright?” She asked as she lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

“No!” Nath replied sharply.

“Why?” She asked again.

“This is why,” Nath said and before she could say a word, he held her jaw, pulled her face closer to his and locked his lip with her’s.
Minutes later, he stopped and looked into her eyes while still holding her face, “I’ll miss you, so much,” he said as tears stunged hid eyelids.

Gold stared back at him. She didn’t know when tears slipped down her cheeks until Nath reached out and wiped them away, running his open palms over her face. Then he enclosed her in his arms and and held her tight, like he never wanted to let go…


Nath had arrived thirty minutes earlier. He kept staring at Bright in hatred as he sat round the dinning table with his mum standing and dishing out the food while his dad kept staring into the space. Dinner was coconut rice with fist-size pieces of fried meat on a big bowl and chunks of chicken in another bowel.

Soon, sounds of spoons meeting plates filled the dining room as silence hung over the table like the blue-black clouds which usually hovered on the sky during rainy season.

Seconds later, Mr Edwards, Nath’s father picked up his glass of juice and drank from it. Then dropped it and cleared his throat. “Son!” he called, in a tone which Nath couldn’t decipher if it was an angry tone or not.

“Yes dad,” Nath replied and looked up from his plate of food.

“I guess you know why you are here?” the father asked, looking up to stare at him.

“No dad!” came the reply.

“Fine, tomorrow is the day your marriage rites will be finalized,” the father said.

“Yes, you will soon be a graduate so we thought it wise to hasten up with the marriage preparations,” his mother added and smiled.
“What!” Nath exclaimed in shock as he couldn’t believe his ears…

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