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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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(Gold and Queen’s room)

Queen and Gold could be seen lying on the bed. The had finished eating, taken their bath and had through Nath’s text messages.

“Wow!, Nath is so romantic, I love those drafted messages,” Queen said to herself. “Now someone will have a rethink,” she smiled and closed her eyes.

Gold lay quietly staring at the ceiling, she was so confused as she closed her eyes trying to think of what to do but unfortunately slept off…

(Nath and Ken’s room)

Time checked-

The next morning, Nath and Ken could be seen preparing to leave for school.

“Guy, are you sure she’ll come?” Ken asked buttoning his shirt.

“I believe so,” Nath replied and picked up the brush to brush his hair. Suddenly there was a knock on the door which made Nath smile and nod at Ken to open the door.

Ken rushed and opened the door but unfortunately it wasn’t Gold nor Queen but Felix and Jeffrey.

“We’re leaving guys,” Felix said.

“Are you both coming along?” Jeffrey asked.
“No” Ken said. “We’ll see you guys later.”
“Okay see ya,” Felix said and they left but Ken left the door open and turned to talk to Nath but a voice made him turn back.

“Good…” Queen started to say but stopped and stared at Ken in surprise. “You!” She exclaimed.

Ken stood speechless as Nath came close to him.
“Whats going on here?” Nath asked but turned and saw Gold, it was quite obvious that she had spoken to Jeffrey and he ignored her coz she looked hearbroken and there were mist of tears in her eyes but nevertheless her beauty mesmerized him as he stared at her affectionately making him almost loose control of himself but he managed to put himself in check and pretended to be angry.

“What are you doing here?” Nath asked trying hard not to smile.

“You forgot your phone last night,” Gold said and stretched out the phone to him. “Here!”
“Thanks!” Nath replied coldly, collected the phone and turned back to Queen, wondering why she and Ken stood staring at each other in shock. “What happened?” he asked again.
“Nothing,” Queen replied sharply, eyed Ken angrily and left but Gold still stood staring at Nath.

“I’m sorry I acted rude last night,” she apologised calmly.

“It’s nothing, you may leave now,” Nath said looking into her eyes.

Gold looked surprised. “Isn’t this the same Nath that really wanted to talk to me yesterday?” she thought to herself quietly. “It’s alright, take care,” She smiled painfully and left quietly.

Nath felt hurt as he watched her leave but he had no other choice. “Guy, let’s go,” he breathed but Ken was unwilling to move so he tapped him gently. “Ken!”
“Yea!” Ken startled. “She’s the one, the facebook girl I told you about,” he sighed and cleaned his face with his hands.

“What!,” Nath exclaimed. “This is bad but hope you didn’t do anything terrible coz that might not be the only reason she looked so angry.”

“I’m afraid, It’s worse than you thought,” Ken muttered sadly and moved to sit on the mattress while Nath closed the door and also moved to sit beside him.

“Tell me about it,” he requested but Ken just stared at him unable to say a word…


Jeffrey could be seen sitted on top of a desk with a girl standing infront of him smiling seductively.
“Baby,” the girl called. “Let’s go to your hostel.”

“Okay baby but first, you will have to give me a kiss,” Jeffrey smiled and touched her.

The girl smiled and kissed him. Soon they were locked in a passionate kiss. It looked as if the girl had possessed Jeffrey coz he totally forgot he was in lecture hall and anyone could walk in.
Just as predicted, Gold and Queen sighted them from outside the window and rushed inside.

“Jeffrey!” Gold exclaimed, unable to believe her eyes.

“S--t” Jeffrey cursed under his breath, released the girl and stood up.

“What is it?” he asked angrily.

“Honey, who is this b---h here?” the girl asked.
“What?” Gold screamed. “How dare you?” she asked rushing to slap the girl but Queen quickly held her back.

“Jeffrey,” Queen called. “Are you not ashamed of yourself?” she asked.

Jeffrey chuckled. “Ashamed?, Of what?” he asked shocking Gold the more.

“Cheating on girls,” Queen fired.

“Excuse you, who am I cheating on, Sorry I’m not a cheater but let today be the first and last time you ever talk to me in that manner otherwise you’ll regret it,” He scowled angrily, held the girl’s hand who was smiling mockingly at Gold and walked out of the hall.

“Jeffrey,” Gold called after him but was ignored so she sat quietly on the desk seat and bursted into tears…

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