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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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(Nath and Ken’s room)

“Who’s that,” Ken called out.
“It’s me Joy,” the person answered.
Nath hissed loudly, “Go, we don’t need you, you are a pariah,” he shouted.
“Oh my love please open,” Joy knocked again ignoring the comment.
“This girl is mad o, Ken, Felix do something na,” Nath pleaded staring at them but instead they bursted into laughter as Ken stood up to go open the door ignoring Nath who glared at him angrily. The door was opened and Joy walked in looking more or less like a prostitute. She wore a short pink gown with black heels and a black handbag to match. Her makeover was worse.
“Goodevening,” She greeted the guys who stared at her in awe making her look like a fool.
After few minutes of silence, Nath stood up and wore his polo with a frowned face. Surprisingly Felix also stood up. They trio made furtive gestures at each other and made to leave the room.

“Whats wrong, where are you guys going?” Joy asked, her face red with embarrassment.
“My mum thought me never to stay in the same room with masquerade looking human so I’m just following her advice,” Nath mocked and walked out.
“Please we gotta go,” Ken smiled at her and gestured to the door for her to walk out. Joy stared at them for some seconds, then she shamefully ran out of the room.
“Guys, has she gone?,” Nath asked rushing back into the room after few minutes.
“Yes,” Felix replied and sat back on the bed but Ken preferred standing.

“Better,” Nath sighed in relief
“Guy it’s not fair,” Felix said.
“What?” Nath sat down.
“Give her a chance,” Ken added. “At least you guys can be friends with benefit.”
“No!,” Nath fired. “You talked about my dream girl and you said her name is Gold, right?”

“Well I love Gold and nothing can change that.”

“But you just heard she’s dating Jeffrey,” Ken scowled.

“I don’t care.”
“But Nath…”
“I don’t bloody care,” Nath barked, stood up and walked out…


(Joy and Gloria’s room)

Gloria walked into the room looking tired to meet Joy who lay on the floor sniffling, her eyes red and swollen with tears. She and Jeffrey had four rounds of hot s-x sessions and that made her feel very tired.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” She asked as she dropped her handbag and rushed to her side. Despite Joy’s troublesome attitude, she still had a soft spot for her.

“Nath!” Joy called weakly.
“Nath?, what did he do this time,” Gloria asked as she carried her up and wiped her tears.

“I eavesdropped on them after they asked me to leave the room, Nath is inlove with Gold,” Joy sobbed leaning on Gloria’s arm.
“Wow, that’s goodnews o, atleast Gold will leave me Jeffrey for me,” Gloria smiled.
Joy looked up thoughtfully after some seconds, “If we put heads together, you and I can get back our love,” she smiled and wiped a tear.

“Um! That’s true o,” Gloria said thoughtfully too. “Oya stop crying and smile, we’ll plan towards it,” she said soothingly making Joy smile a bit…



Time checked- 9:05pm

Mr Edwards, Nath’s dad could be seen sitted on the couch in his small sitting room which led to the large sitting room with a newspaper in his hand. He wore his pyjamas as it was already night.

“Honey!” he called out to his wife who emerged from the corridor leading to their room, all smiles.

“Sweetheart!, you called,” Mrs Edwards said as she sat beside her husband and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“I’ll be sending some money to Nath tomorrow, we didn’t give him enough before he left on sunday,” the husband said turning to face his wife, then dropped the newspaper on the side stool.

“Wow!, good idea,” the wife smiled.
“Yea, I decided that today but wanted to let you know first.”

“So!, like how much?” she asked.

“30thousand naira,” he replied making the wife move away from him in shock.

“What!, she exclaimed. “30thousand naira, honey it’s too much na.”

“Too much?, I don’t think so.”
“Remember his sister in the UK, she also needs money,” the wife complained.
“Okay I’ll make it twenty five,” the husband said and pulled her to himself.
“Um! Still much but it’s alright,” She smiled.
“My stubborn beautiful wife,” he teased.
“My stubborn ugly husband,” she teased too making him smile and kiss her again on the cheek.

“Come lets go to bed, I’m feeling cold,” the wife said dragging him up.

“Ah! Always at your service my queen,” he smiled as he removed his eyeglass, then he carried her up and headed to the room.

“Oh! Can’t wait,” she giggled and he smiled…

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