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bound by love  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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(First floor, pavement)

Gloria opened the door to the room a little and saw Queen rush excitedly into their room. She smiled and glanced back at Joy who was fast asleep, then stepped out and closed the door quietly behind her.

Half running along the pavement, she kept glancing back, then suddenly, she collided with someone at the rear end leading down the stairs.

“Oh Nath! I’m sorry, I was running so I could meet up with you,” she apologised breathing heavily. “How did it go?”

Nath sighed deeply, “Not well, she refused talking nor listening to me,” he said and held her shoulders, “Gloria! I’m going crazy, please help me,” he pleaded.

“Dont worry,” Gloria smiled. “I gat your back lover boy even though you never valued me at first,” she said staring at him.

“Do we really have to go through this again,” he asked and released her shoulders.

“No, just reminding you of how bad I felt when you rejected me but nevermind I’m inlove now,” she replied. “So!, what’s the next step?”

“I’ll go back there by 7:00pm and I pray she listens to me.”

“Good but Nath!, promise me one thing?” she requested.

“That you’ll will never hurt her. Just like her name, she has a heart of gold, I don’t like the way Jeffrey has been treating her because of me that’s why I want you to make her happy again coz I believe you love her like you said,” she said holding his right hand with her gaze fixed on him.

Nath smiled and sq££zed her hand, “Trust me bae, I will never do anything to make her regret knowing me, that I promise.”

Gloria’s smile widened, “Thank you, I have to go now, Some students that are passing here have bad mouth, see ya later,” she hugged him briefly, turned and walked back to the room.

“Oh Gold!” Nath muttered as he turned and climbed down the stairs…

(Jeffrey and Felix’s room)
Time checked- 1:50pm…

Jeffrey could be seen sitted on the bed, his back leaning against the wall with one leg stretched out and the other bent on the knee, chatting on his phone, while Felix just lay quietly with his palms behind his head, thinking about God knows what, they’d returned from school an hour earlier.

“Kai! this girl have killed me,” Jeffrey screamed excitedly and rubbed his head.
“Which girl?” Felix asked and sat up.

“One new bae like that o, if you see her ehn, na instant erection be that,” Jeffrey smiled, tapped his head and continued chating.

Felix stared at him in pity and shook his head, “When will you ever stop thinking of girls and s-x, do you even remember atall that you’re a student, an SUG president for that matter?”

“Ah!” Jeffrey exclaimed.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” he asked and dropped his phone.

“What it means is that you should stop deceiving girls especially Gold, c’mon that girl loves you,” Felix pleaded sounding a bit angry.
“But she doesn’t give me what I want, she can’t even kiss,” Jeffrey complained.

“So!, what is it that you want which she can’t give?” Felix asked and folded his arms.

“S-x of coz, she claims to be a virgin and each time I try touching her, she keeps rebuffing.”

Felix chuckled, “So!, Gloria nko?”
“Kai! that one is talented,” Jeffrey smiled broadly and rubbed his palms in pleasure.
“Then other girls nko?” Felix asked further.

“Guy free me jhare, all I know is when you see a girl, just f--k and get away, if she doesn’t want to give you want you want, then you ditch her secretly simple,” Jeffrey concluded and carried up his phone again.

“Remember you’ve not even been in a relationship with Gold up to three months, you guys just started dating last year during exams period, did you expect her to have s-x with you that period?” Felix asked and unfolded his arms.
Jeffrey now felt irritated, “Oya it’s enough now, biko, let me rest,” he pleaded.

“No! It’s not, you need deliverance,” Felix said angrily and stood up.

Jeffrey laughed out loud, “Na you sabi.”

Felix stared at him in anger, then he hissed loudly, then walked to the wardrobe and took out his polo and put it on. “You will regret this one day,” he eyed him and hissed again, then walked to the door. “I’m going out mr s-x maniac, keep my share of food for me if only s-x will give you the chance to eat,” he added calmly, walked out and slammed the door behind him..

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