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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 1
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Nath Edwards

Gold Daniels

Queen James

Bright Peter

Jeffrey Jack


Joy Smith



…Others to be specified as story progresses…

The once calm and prestigious HEARTLAND UNIVERSITY soon changes to a place full of choas as the students who claims to be inlove decides to go extra miles just to get their heart desires..
Jeffrey is on a mission to get Gold.

Joy is on a mission to destroy Gold inorder to get Nath.

Ken needs forgiveness from Queen.

Who will win this battle??

Will the CHAINS OF PAIN be too unbearable for them??

I mentioned Bright in season One but she never played any role, Who is Bright and What is her mission??


Find out in this season as you read this mind blowing and intriguing story, titled: BOUND BY LOVE…


The students of Heartland University were thrown into total confusion and disorder as they saw the ambulance drive out from the path that led to the female’s hostel in speed to the University’s clinic. They all wondered what could be wrong as the lecturers who were lecturing immediately rounded off thier lectures, packed their books and rushed out of the class to the clinic…

Joy was seen crying helplessly in pretence as she walked round the reception with her hands placed on her head.

Soon the Vice Chancellor rushed into the clinic and asked her to tell the SUG President that he should inform all the students to wait for her at the conference hall, that she’d speak to them soon…


Immediately Joy stepped outside, hundreds of students crowded her.

“What happened?, Why are you crying?, Is it about your friend?, Who died?, Talk na!” The students bombarded her with questions as they followed her whiled she walked.
“The Vice Chancellor will speak to you all in a short while, please wait in the conference hall,” Joy informed them as the pressure on her was too much.

“Conference hall, why?” A student asked.
“Why can’t you be patient?” Joy snapped and walked away, still sobbing.
“Nawa o, what is even happening?” Another student questioned rhetorically as she walked to to the conference hall.

Nath, Queen and Ken were seen running up to Joy, same as Jeffrey and Felix. Gold was nowhere to be found.

“Oh Nath!” Joy cried out as soon as she sighted them, making them stop, then she ran up to them and hugged Nath tightly.

Queen felt irritated as she stared at her in anger. “Why can’t you keep the romance for later and tell us what happened and where Gloria is?” She said eyeing her in anger and hatred.

“The Vice chancellor will speak to you all in a short while,” Joy released Nath and replied sharply, then turned to hug him again but Nath pushed her away gently.

“Is it about Gloria,” Nath, Ken, Felix and Jeffrey asked in unison.
“What?” Joy asked in pretence.
“C’mon, the ambulance and clinic stuff of coz,” Nath said.

“Yes!” Joy replied. “She swallowed a poisoned pill,” she added.
“What? How?, why?” Ken asked in shock as Jeffrey just stood there, too shock to speak.
“How did you know she did that coz you were in class this morning?” Queen asked too.
“You will find out soon,” Joy snapped and walked towards the conference hall.
“Joy, please wait!” Jeffrey called out as he ran after her leaving Ken, Felix, Nath and Queen behind.

“Guy! See you in the hall,” Felix said and went after Jeffrey and Joy.
Nath sighed deeply and turned to Queen. “Where’s Gold?” he asked.
“Oh! The rest room, she’ll come later,” She replied. “I’ll text her to come to the hall,” She added.

“Don’t worry,” Nath smiled. “I’ll go bring her,” he grinned at Ken, turned and walked away.

“Let’s go,” Ken said to Queen and made to hold her right hand but she rebuffed him and walked away too while Ken just smiled and followed her…


Nath kept glancing at his wrist watch as he waited infront of the female’s toilet, waiting for Gold to come out.

He waited and waited but she didn’t show up. After waiting for like forever, he summoned courage, climbed up the short flight of stairs onto the toilet varenda. Then he heard a male voice and soft cries.

“Gold!” he muttered as he entered the rest room and walked quietly through the long corridor, opening every door on the right and left slowly to look inside. “Where could she be and why is she crying coz it’s her voice I heard?” he thought as he tiptoed further.
“Stop there, you traitor,” A voice called out behind him making him stop abruptly and turn back.

“What, who are you?” he asked in shock as a gun was pointed at him by a masked man.
The person chuckled, “A friend who was sent to destroy you. I knew you would come here, so I prepared very well.”

Nath swallowed hard and braced up. “Put the gun down,” he said boldly.
“Not so fast Mr. Lover boy,” the person said.
“Put it down or I shout,” Nath fired and moved back. Then his mouth opened wide is shock as another guy came up behind and stood before him with a knife…

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