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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 11
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Nath opened the door and walked in feeling very happy with himself. “Well I know that was harsh but Dad thought me that,” he smiled and sat on the couch. “Now he will have no other choice than to accept Gold, the love of my life.”
Minutes later, the door opened and his parents walked in, his mum’s face was red with embarrassment and his dad was fuming in anger.

“Nath!” his father thundered. “How dare you embarrass me in that manner, that was rude, disrespectful, bad and what have you,” he shouted while his mum simply walked and sat on the couch quietly.

“Really?” Nath said and stood up, then chuckled.

“What’s funny, you fool, do you have any idea of what you’ve caused me?” the father asked again.

“But dad, you once did what I just did today and according to you, you said your dad, my grandfather deserves more than embarrassment by trying to force you to marry mum’s friend,” Nath explain with his hands akimbo.

Mr Edwards looked at Nath in bewilderment, “Did you have to pay me back this way?” he asked calmly and sat down as he remembered how his mother cried all night and how his father had lost his job because he refused to marry his manager’s daughter.
“Why?, Nath why?” his mum asked, staring at him in surprise as she remembered how her husband had been so rude to his parents because of her.

“I’m sorry mum but I was left with no other option. You should never try to repeat the mistake your parents made by metting out the same bad treatment on your children,” Nath said calmly. “I will apologise to Mr. Peter and his family tomorrow but one thing both of you should know is that I’m a man now and inlove with Gold Daniels and nothing, not even my harsh and difficult father can take her away from me,” he concluded and left for his room.

Mr Edwards sighed deeply and placed his head in his palms. “I shouldn’t have told the children about my youthful age, now see what it has caused me, oh! Karma,” he muttered in pains.

“It’s alright honey, we just have to let him be,” the wife said and moved to sit beside him as she placed her hand on his back.

“It will be hard coz I can never forgive Daniels for what he did to me and even if I let Nath be, what about the oath I took with Peter,” the husband lamented.

“The Oath,” His wife repeated and leaned back on the couch in despair…


Time checked – 9:00pm

Jeffrey leaned back on the wall of the toilet as he puffed out smoke from his cigarette into the thin air. He thought of his life, all what he had lost, how reckless he had become and how his father had disowned him. “This is all Nath and Gold’s fault,” he said bitterly. “They must surely pay for this,” he shouted in anger and threw away the cigarette, then turned and hit his fist on the wall. “They must pay.”

Minutes later two guys walked up to him and greeted in unison.

Then he turned to them, “Operation starts tonight, make sure you torture her badly,” he said and gritted his teeth.

“Yes boss, consider it done,” they bowed before him.

Jeffrey laughed, “Don’t touch her p---y coz I will be the first to do that,” he added.

“Yes boss,” they snapped in authority and walked away…


Gold was seen walking along the path that led to male’s hostel. She still couldn’t contact Nath, so she decided to go ask Ken if he had heard from him.

As she walked, she felt as if someone was following her. She stopped and turned but saw no one. Then she hissed and continued walking untill two masked men walked up behind her and covered her mouth. She felt like she was watching horror movie and tried screaming for help though she knew it was useless coz the path was dark and no one was seen nearby. Then something was placed on her nose which made her pass out…


Gold woke up the next morning feeling very tired and weak as she took a deep breath. The pains she felt was antagonizing as it spread from her head to all other parts of her body. Then she tried lifting up her hands but it was stucked. “Ah! What’s wrong,” she thought and turned her head only for her to realise that her body was tied to pole like structure…


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