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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 14
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Nath wondered what on earth could make him so stupid to have followed Jeffrey into this thick forest without knowing. He stared after Jeffrey in anger and shouted “You Beast,” and made to run after him, forgetting he was in a forest full of thorns and thistles. But the two fierce looking men stopped him as one held his hand, carried him up and threw him down.

Nath grunted in pains as he fell. He knew the two men were stronger than him but he had to brace up. Then he remembered his father’s words, “”When you are being attacked by people stronger than you in an unknown place who are without any weapons, Bear it in mind that they will either give you a blow on the jaw so you could stagger and fall or they would lift you up and throw you down. If any of this is done, lie down and hold your breath, pretend to be dead and once their backs is turned on you, remove this little device, set fire to it and leave the area immediately.””

“But dad, how did you get this, isn’t it a bomb device?” he had asked.

“Not really a bomb but it kills immediately it explodes. It is called “DD” ie “Defence Device.” It was given to us in packets by the ex military men, when we were on a mission to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a renowned man,” the father had replied and added, “Not many people knows about this but am giving them to you now coz no one knows tomorrow, remember it explodes in few a minute and covers only a small area, so you had to run away quickly if not you will be killed.”

Nath smiled quietly in satisfaction as he lay on the grass and held his breath. His father had spent most of his holidays training him on how to fight, defend oneself and the tactics attackers used in defeating their opponents, and had given him the little devices which looked as small as gravels but were very powerful.

Since the devices were many, Nath had been told to put it in all his trouser pocket with a packet of matches. At first, he had been scared but right now he felt very grateful to God and his father coz as he stretched out his hand and touched his trouser pocket, the device was there.

“This guy is a weakling,” One of the men said as he bent and touched Nath’s chest only to realise he wasn’t breathing anymore.
“What’s wrong?” the other guy asked.
“He’s dead!” the first guy replied.

“Just like that, but we only threw him down na,” the second guy said in amazement.

“He might be pretending but he’s not breathing, let’s call the boss,” the first guy said and they turned to leave.

Immediately they turned their back and started moving, Nath quickly stood up and knelt down, then brought out the device and set fire to it.

The two guys felt they heard sounds but as they turned back, Nath quickly stood up and ran, then the burning device exploded and killed them…

Nath felt very tired and weak and decided to rest under one of the trees. He had been running for about thirty minutes.

“Gold,” he called silently as he sat down. “I need to call dad immediately,” he thought and touched his trouser pocket to bring out his phone, only to realise that he had left his phone at home in haste. “S--t!” he cursed under his breath as he leaned on the back of the tree in despair, thinking of what to do…



Mr Edwards, Nath’s dad was dinner with his wife. He kept glancing at his electronic wrist watch and wondered why Nath hadn’t returned home. He had tried calling him but felt frustrated when he found out he had left his phone at home. Just then, his wrist watch blinked a red light which signified danger. The wrist watch was also given to them alongside the packets of device and it was programmed in such a way that, if the device explodes, the wrist watch will blink red thus signifying danger and a call to action.

Immediately the red light blinked, Mr Edwards pushed his chair backwards and stood up, surprising his wife.

“Honey what’s wrong?” the wife asked as she also stood up.

“Nath is in danger,” tht husband replied and walked to the sitting room.

“When?, how did you know?” the wife asked further as she followed him to the sitting room.

The husband picked up his phone from the center table and turned to her, “It’s only an army officer that understands stuffs like this, I’ll be back soon,” the husband said and rushed out of the house.

“Honey wait,” she called after him but he was gone. “Oh God, what sort of life is this, trouble upon trouble,” she lamented and sat on the couch with her head buried in her palms…


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