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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 21
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Nath’s heart was filled with joy as he stood up and greeted the soldiers one after the other, hugging them briefly.

Minutes later, another group of soldiers walked towards their direction with Jeffrey and the guy he had ran with in the middle.

“Mission accomplished,” One of the soldiers smiled and placed his gun on his right shoulder.

“Yes, we came, saw and conquered,” Another soldier said, then used his gun to hit Joy on the butt0ckz as she knelt down. “Bad girl, you were sent to the university to study but you came and began chasing after men and carrying guns, at your age,” he added.

“That’s how they go about painting their family name black,” Another soldier said. “Where are others?” he asked and looked around.

“They’ll soon…” Another soldier started to say but the sound from his walkie talkie stopped him, so he removed it and read the message that was sent. “Okay, we’ll be there right away,” he spoke into the walkie talkie and turned to the others, “A girl has been caught in the web of ritualists deep inside this forest and a fierce battle is about to begin. Nine of you will follow me while ten will wait behind and try to contact Mr Edwards and General, we need help urgently,” he said and turned to leave with the nine soldiers but Nath stopped him.

“Please sirs, can I come with you,” Nath pleaded looking from one soldier to another.

The soldiers looked at each other, then one asked, “Why?”

“I think I might be of help,” Nath replied. Then the soldiers looked at each other again and nodded.

“Alright but you will stay right beside me,” the one who had received the call said to him.

“As you wish sir,” Nath smiled and held his hand.

“Good! Heads high, the search begins,” the soldier who had received the call shouted and ran towards the direction he was told with Nath beside him while the nine others cocked their guns, raised it high in the air and ran after him…



Mr Edwards, the General and the Vice Chancellor were still discussing when a car quickly sped up towards school, then horned loudly at the gate.

After the gate was opened, the car drove in speedily and parked in the same field the cars and hilluxes were parked.

Opening the car door, Mr Daniels got out looking really pissed off, then walked angrily towards the trio without caring to close his car door and removed his eyeglasse.

“Goodafternoon sir,” the Vice chancellor stood up and greeted, likewise the General but Mr Edwards completely ignored him and pretended not to see him.

“Save the greetings to yourself,” Mr Daniels shouted and turned to Mr Edwards who was still seated, looking less concerned. “Mr Edwards, where on earth have you kept my daughter,” he asked in annoyance.

“Excuse you,” Mr Edwards stood up too and also removed his glasses. “What are you talking about?” he also questioned.

“You heard me, provide my daughter now or I continue from where you stopped years back,” Mr Daniels fumed.

Mr Edwards chuckled and folded his glasses properly, “You are a well respected man in this country and I think you should have learnt how to be mature from the numerous schools you attended or better still from other respected men around,” he said.

“Don’t you dare insult me Edwards,” Mr Daniels shouted.

By that time, students who were passing by had begun to stop as they watched in amazement wondering why the retired Army General and the most renowned Mr Daniels would be quarreling and exchanging words in public.

“Please calm down sir,” the General pleaded and moved closer to Mr Daniels. “The son of the retired General here is also missing and we are waiting for the soldiers that were sent out insearch of them to be back.”

“No, allow him to insult me and embarrass himself in public,” Mr Edwards said angrily.

“Please sir, be calm,” the Vice chancellor pleaded.

Just as Mr Daniels was about to speak up, the General’s walkie talkie vibrated and he removed it and read the message, then turned to Mr Edwards. “We need to be in the forest behind the school now, fierce battle of life and death is ongoing,” he said and hurried to his car while trying to call his driver to bring his jeep to the said location.

Mr Edwards and Mr Daniels wore their glasses at the same time and rushed to their car leaving the Vice Chancellor behind who looked confused on what to do…

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