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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 24
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The doctor just stared Mr Edwards, unable to speak thus making him loose total control of himself.

“But what doctor?” Mr Edwards asked again but this time with a slightly raised voice as he hit his folded fist on the doctor’s desk.

The doctor breath in and out heavily. “He needs an urgent operation which means the affected hand will be cut off and if the operation is not carried out in the next one hour or there about, we might just loose him coz the poison keeps spreading rapidly every second and that’s very dangerous,” he concluded.

“What?” Mr Edwards exclaimed in shock, then pulled out a chair from under the desk and sat down camly. “I shouldn’t have gone to rescue her,” he muttered. “So doctor, you mean my son will loose his right hand?” he asked just to be sure of what he’d heard.

“Exactly sir,” the doctor replied.

“So after risking my life just to save Daniels daughter, my son’s arm will now become the sacrificial lamb,” Mr Edwards thought as he placed his elbow on the desk and buried his head in his palms.

The doctor was moved to pity as he watched the retired General display such deep emotions. “Please sir, take it easy on yourself,” he pleaded.

“This is unbelievable doctor, Is there no other way out?”

“I’m afraid sir, that’s the only way out.

Mr Edwards sat still and stared at the doctor without knowing what to say or do…


The unrest had died down. Most of the ritualists were killed while others were arrested. They soldiers had lost seven of them during the battle.

Joy, Jeffrey and the two guys were bundled and put into one of the hillux while Felix’s and the bodies of the dead soldiers were put into another hillux and drove straight to the General hospital where the dead bodies would be put into the mortuary.

“That battle was a tough one but I’m glad we made it,” the General said to one of the soldiers as he opened the door to the jeep his driver had come with as instructed. “Six of you are wonded. Three should join me in my jeep with my driver, the other three should make use of my car and the rest should enter the hilluxes. We are all going to the General hospital so the wounded ones can have their injuries tended to,” he concluded and entered the jeep while the soldiers did as instructed.

Minutes later, the whole forest area looked very dark and deserted as if Nothing had happened there…


Time checked -8:30pm

Mrs Edwards, Nath’s mum, sat on the couch in the sitting room, looking dead worried as she kept glancing at the wall clock and dialing her husband’s number from time to time. “What could be wrong,” she pondered as she stood and picked up the remote on the centre table, then walked to the television and switched it on to see if she’d get any information while still trying her husband’s number.

Minutes after she had switched on the television and walked back to her seat, A report came up where the forest was shown with dead bodies of ritualist littered around. The report stated that the battle to rescue the daughter of the most renowned Mr Daniels was brought to an abrupt end immediately the retired General’s son was stabbed by one of the ritualists as he tried to rescue the daughter of Mr Daniels from being killed and it also stated that Nathaniel Edwards, the son of the retired General’s was in a state of coma at the General hospital and the chances of his survival was 50/50.

“Jesus!” Mrs Edwards shouted as she quickly stood up and rushed to the bedroom upstairs to pick her car key.

Minutes later, she came running down the stairs again and headed to the door, only to realise in her haste that she had picked the key to the house. “Oh God! Please save my son, my only son,” she cried and rushed back upstairs to get the right key.

“AK, take care of the house,” she shouted out to the house keeper as she descended the stairs the second time after hearing the reports on the television. After much chaos, Her car was seen speeding on the highway and heading to the hospital…


Mr Edwards was still arguing with the doctor over his son’s life.

“Sir please, we can’t let him die, let’s carry out the operation,” the doctor pleaded again.
“No, my son’s hand will never be cut off okay, no operation will be carried out on any part of his body,” Mr Edwards shouted, stood up and left the doctor’s office, slamming the door behind him…


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