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bound by love  - Season 2 - Episode 8
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Bright cried the more immediately Mrs Edwards entered the sitting room and rushed to sit beside her, looking confusingly from her husband to her.

“Honey, what’s going on here?” She asked as she placed her hand across Bright’s shoulder.

“Your son wants to bring shame to me and I will never let that happen,” the husband shouted.

“Please calm down, you’re getting too upset, remember he’s your son,” the wife pleaded further.

“And he will cease to be my son if he ever defies my orders.” the husband shouted again and turned to Bright. “Who is the girl?” he asked as his chest heaved in anger.

“Gold Daniels sir,” Bright replied and cleaned her eyes.

“What!” Mrs Edwards exclaimed. “I hope she isn’t the daughter of the most renowned Mr Daniels?” she asked.

“She’s the one ma,” came the reply.
“Jesus!” Nath’s mum said in shock. “Impossible!”

“I can’t believe my own son would stoop so low to fall inlove let alone fight for my enemy’s daughter, impossible!” Nath’s dad said and stood up, then turned to the wife, “Call Nath immediately, tell him to come home this weekend, we must go and finalize his marriage rites before something terrible happens,” he added and with that, he climbed upstairs and headed to his room.

“How can Nath do such a thing, this is unlike him,” Mrs Edwards soliloquized and pulled Bright closer to herself, “It’s alright my dear, just believe Nath loves you, I will call him immediately,” She said soothingly…


Nath lay on the mattress as he stared at the ceiling thinking about the earlier events of the day. He smiled quietly to himself as he remembered the romantic moment he had shared with Gold. “I hope and pray moments like that comes again,” he prayed silently.
He was still in deep thoughts when the ringing of his phone startled him, thus bringing him out of his reverie.

Nath’s smile widened as he picked up his phone from the bedside stool, “Mum!” he whispered and clicked on the receiver. “Hello sweetest mum!” he called excitedly.
“What’s this I’m hearing,” his mum asked from the other end without bothering to reply to his greetings.

Nath was baffled. His mum never spoke to him in that manner before. “Mum! What’s going on, Is dad alright?” he asked.

“No, he’s not alright, how can you stoop so low to fight for the daughter of your father’s enemy?”

“But mum, I don’t understand you a bit,” he complained.

“They girl you fought for is the daughter to our family enemy,” the mum shouted over the phone.

Nath became more surprised, “How mum, dad has never talked about having any enemy and besides even if the girl I fought for is the daughter of an enemy as claimed, that doesn’t mean we both should become enemies too,” he said trying to be calm.

“Nonsense!” his mum barked. “You are asked by your father to come home this weekend,” she said and ended the call.

“Why mum, listen, I love her mum,” Nath pleaded. “Hello, hello, mum…” he called but the line was dead. “S--t!” he cursed under his breath, threw the phone on the bed and placed his head in his palms.

Minutes later, Ken walked into the room with their cloths which he had gone outside to unhang to meet Nath in a bad mood. “Guy whatsup, why the frowned face?” he asked as he walked and dropped the cloths on the mattress, then cleaned the tiny beads of sweat which had formed on his forehead.

“Mum just called!” Nath swallowed.

Ken chuckled, “So! You’re supppsed to be happy na,” he said and sat down.

“Yes but she said I fought for Gold, claiming that Gold is the daughter of our family enemy and that Dad needs me home by weekend,” he explained.

“Yehpa!” Ken’s eyes widened. “This is bad o but how come na?”

Nath shrugged, “Maybe Bright told them, you know she works on the internet and the news of the fight must have been posted there.”

“Hei! Yawa don gas, Nath na hot oil you enter so,” Ken shook his head negatively…


Kayla, Nath’s sister lay on the bed under her duvet, staring at the ceiling. She had just finished speaking with her mum on the phone and looked very worried.

“I knew it would inevitably come to this, why can’t Dad just break whatsoever covenant he had with Bright’s dad and let my cute brother be,” she thought, then shook her head negatively. “No, I will never support dad and mum coz I can’t bear to see Nath get hurt, atleast not now that he claims to be in love,” She said and turned to lie on her side…

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