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Campus Boys - Season 1 - Episode 10
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~~~Two days later,Tony was asked to come to the house to say hi to Ella.At least for a start,lets see what happens.Anita:Musa!!!!Open the gate for him(Anita shouted from upstairs when she sighted Tony,and then she went to the room to tell Jude that Tony has arrived)Honey……Ella’s dad is…...Tony is here(she quickly corrected herself)Jude::(smiles and drew her closer)So you think it will annoy me?He is Ella’s dad while am Ella’s step dad….get it?(smiles again)Anita:Ooooh sure(placed a kiss on his lips and they left)Tony:Good afternoon AnitaAnita:AfternoonJude:(Sits on the sofa)Hey man,how are you doing?Tony:Am fine(still standing)Anita:Let me call her for you(went inside)Ella….….sweetie come over,I have a surprised for youElla:Mummy….surprise?Anita:Sure…come with me(she drags Ella)Ella who was busy playing with her dummies was kinda disappointed but she had to obey.Jude relaxed and waited to watch the dramaAnita:Here we are!!!!!Meet your daddy…………….(Anita concluded while pointing at Tony)Ella:(Runs to Jude instead)Of course i knew daddy was around.Daddy…what is mum up to?And besides where is my kid brother?Everywhere was calm,as they didn’t know the next step to take.Tony was just standing because he did not know where to start from.Anita:Sweetie!!!!I mean this man standing here is your real daddy.Ella:Real daddy?Does a human being have two daddies?(She said and stood in front of Tony)Anita:Actually…..he….he….he…traveled to a far away country and now he is back for you.Ella:Mummy,i dont understand…Jude:Sweet heart come over,you see!!!your daddy here is my close friend,so when he traveled he asked me to take proper care of you andElla:No…….i don’t want another daddy,you’re the only daddy i know…i dont want another daddy(she cried and ran to her room)Anita:I knew it will be very difficult to talk sense into her.Jude:Its just for a while.Anita:Why are you just standing there?Dont you have anything to say,sit down please.Tony:I feel so bad……i abandoned her,am sucha fool to have denied such a beautiful child(hecried out)Jude:Calm down,trust me she will come around okTony:I hope so••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Two weeks gone,Anita now turned it to a dailyroutine to talk to Ella.Finallly she was made tounderstand that her father was out of the country because of business,and that he has been sending money for her upkeep(which were all lies)and that now,he is back for her.She was happy because the love she had for Jude was so much and for the fact that she was not going to leave him,made her veryhappy.She now went outing with her real dad,even to zoos.Two months later,Tony was now offered a job that be fitted him.Can you imagine it?The white man he was working for later found out that he was educated and he decided to give him a good job,a job with 7 digit salary.An official car and a house,the day he received it,he almost fainted.Everything turned around and guess what?he planned to celebrate Ella’sbirthday which was on Sunday,two days time.Tony:My charming guess what?Ella:I know its a surprise,so I can’t guessTony:Fine….i’ll tell you.We’re celebrating your birthdayElla:(Jumps up in excitement)Really? Thank you daddy.The fact was that he referred to the two men(Jude and Tony)as daddy,and nobody complained.••••••••••••ELLA’S BIRTHDAYThe house was so filled with people.Oh sorry….i forgot,they celebrated the birthday at Tony’s compound.Little celebrant was playingwith her friends.Anita was in the kitchen with some other girls,Jude and Tony were busy discuing and laughing,even Israel and his family were there in the party.Grand parents were not left out it seems Ella had a question for her dad….Ella:Daddy……(Both Jude and Tony responded at the same time)Both:Yes…Ella:(Kinda confused and then she smiled to cover up)My friends are saying,its not possible to ride an aeroplane but I told them,when one is taught how to and he eventually knows how to ride it then the possibility is 100%,am I right?(she concluded and waited for their answer)Tony:Yea dear you are rightElla:Daddy(she now faced Jude)you didn’t reply,the question was for the both of you.Am I right?Jude:Yes baby,you’re right(smiles and gave her a peck)The birthday later kicked off at 2:00pm.Tony tip toed into the kitchen,Anita and the other girls were there,he took a piece of meat and ran out then he bumped into someoneAnita:That’s stealing Tony……Anita and the other girls bust into laughter.Tony:Oh am sorry(he bent down to pick his meat)Sorry about that(he was kinda shy because of the meat in his hands)Lady:Its okay(in a very nice voice)Tony:My name is…..Lady:(Cuts in)Tony….father of the celebrant,owner of ‘Nice up boutique’.Tony;Wow… know me don’t you?So tell me are you some kind of psychologist who reads people’s mind even their names and occupation?Lady:(Gives out a sexy smiles)None of that……Tony:So what’s the name?Lady:Am Amanda,graduated from UNILAG,a journalist and am here with my friend.Tony:Hmmm interesting…and may I know thatyour friend,he or she could be someone I will love to meet,dont you think so?Amanda:(Pointing at Israel wife)Tony:Is she your friend?Amanda:No…her younger sister is.We were invited by her.Tony:Sounds cool,so……can i please have yourcontact,just to say hello.Amanda was kinda reluctant but later gave him the number.Tony couldn’t stop staring at her all through the party.Maybe he found his missing ribs.It was now time for dance,dance dance.Anita and her husband were dancing when suddenly a loud noise was heard from AnitaJude:What is it Honey?Anita:Ha……ahh..ah……..ahhhhhhhh the baby iscoming….Jude;Ok hold on……let me get my car.Anita:No no……….,the baby is here already.Luckily for her some elderly women were there even Anita’s mother and Tony’s family were there.So they quickly took her to one of the rooms.Jude called their family doctor,before the doctor could arrive,she has already given birth to a set of twin,boy and a girl.The news was later announced to everyone inthe birthday ground and they all danced in celebration.Before they knew it,the m.c shouted…HIP…..HIP……….HIP….~~~What do u think????

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