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Campus Boys - Season 1 - Episode 3
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The two families assembled together just to sought out the confusion.Since Anita’s father was late,her uncle represented her father in the meeting.

I greet u all,an adage says a child who says his mother will not sleep that child too will not sleep.We all are aware that this two children(pointing at Anita and Tony)had something together,infact lets be plain,they were in a relationship.But what we dont know is how and when they started doing secret things which resulted to her pregnancy.That’s not even the issue ooo but the problem here is that Tony is rejecting the pregnancy.And i know my daughter has not been seeing any other man apart from Tony.So we have all come together to sought out this problem at hand(he concluded and sat down)

dad:Hmm… have spoken well.Emmm Tony…..

yes dad

you’ve heard what he just said,I dont need long explanation.All I want from u is a yes or a no.Are u responsible for Anita’s pregnancy?

Dad am not responsible(he said boldly)

Ehhhh,Tony my God will judge u.I never expected this from you(she said while crying)

Me abi???You’re not even ashamed of yourself Anita,oya tell them am i the only person you’ve been sleeping with on campus

Keep quiet.So since she’s pregnant,who is responsible??

Tony:dad,let me be sincere.We were actually dating,but suddenly Anita changed,her set of friends were nothing to write home about.She was no longer the girl i once loved,so i quickly withdrew.And its been long we separated,i dont know if she told u.She was sleeping around with men,i just couldn’t take it any longer,so we went our separate ways and that’s it dad

Anita’s mum:
You lie,my child is not like that,i know what she can do and what she can’t do.You are a liar young man

Tony’s mum:(stood up)dont you dare yell at my son.Your daughter is nothing but a b---h,a cheap one at that.You think i dont know your plan?but trust me it has failed.You people cannot lure my son into accepting what is not his.

Calm down women….enough of the argument pls

uncle:Young man,i hope you’re aware of the consequences of what you are doing??Because according to our tradition,a man who rejects a child right from when the child is in the womb,has no right to the child in the future.

I know all that,but sir this baby is not mine i swear

No problem since you know and its stamp already.

No matter what happens in the future,this child is not yours since you accepted.Lets go(he stood up)

(With tears turning down her cheeks)I promise you this Tony,you will regret every of your actions.I’ll keep my baby,I’ll carry all the responsibility alone.I’ll bring her up in the fear of the Lord and one day she will also say it to your face that she knows you not.You will never have peace of mind,mark my words(she concluded and ran outside)

Anita’s mum:She has said it all good day

Tony’s mum:Olosho……mother of a prostitute,disgraceful people.You think u can bring my son down abi?tufia…..(she left the scene as well)


Tony is back in school,Meshach needed to know how it all went,

Guy how far??how did it go?

(Frowns)I still don’t believe i did that to her.She must be very frustrated right now.I lied to everyone

Meshach:That’s the best thing to do guy,trust me u did the right thing.So now you dont need to worry again ,just concentrate on your studies and I’ll introduce you to other sexy girls around ok??


Meanwhile Israel was quiet not wanting to contribute to the whole issue

Israel:You think God is happy with you abi??You will regret this thing one day,just watch(he left them behind)

Meshach:Abeg nor mind that one he nor know anything jor,relax everything will be fine ok

I trust you na(they discussed some other things before heading back home.


Tell me what u see in Tony’s future??

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Sep 28
A bitter and disastrous future he will never pray for his enemy
Sep 29
Thank you very much @Biodun

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Nov 01
A future with wrong and weak foundation..... the whole building of his life career can't be strong and can disappointing
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