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Campus Boys - Season 1 - Episode 4
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On several occasion,Anita will always come back to beg him.Just for him to accept because the shame was now too much to bear.Tony always repeats the same word and annoying ones at that.

Tony:Anita am done with u,what did i even see in you in the first place?The solution i gave to you was simple,just remove it you refused.Now i have no other choice.So Anita please back off,stop pestering my life.Read my lips young lady,you’re no longer my class,just take a good look at yourself,you look so wretched,age is really telling on u.Oh gosh..pls get out(thats just the only thing Tony could tell her)
Tony really changed for the worst,meshach was now the one telling him what to do and what not to do.He changed girls just as he changes clothes.He went around lavishing all his parents money all in the name of flexing.Israel knew for sure that if he doesn’t disassociate from them,he might join so he quickly withdraw.They bribe lecturers just to pass Exams,they were known as the ‘don’.


Three years later he managed to graduate and that’s when the real problem started.A graduate without a job.Maybe Anita’s curses were now working.He would wake up every day wearing suites,from one company to the other but all to no avail.One day as he was returning home from his usual job hunting,he was so frustrated,just then a car splashed water on him.

Eeeeeeeeeee,its like this person is mad,how can he just splash water on me like that.God will punish you idiot,you think this thing you’re riding is a car abi??This is an ordinary carton…rubbish(you cam begin to imagine how frustrated he was)

The car revised back and the person inside came down to apologize.Oh my…… am sorry,am so so sorry please,a feminine voice said as she was coming down from the car.

You’re even more stupid than i thought,were you blind???did u not see………(he paused and took a closer look at her lady)Anita……..

Anita:Tony……….what?what…….(she was astonished and then the hatred she had for him grew,she turned to leave)

(Ran to her)Anita where is my child??

(Yells at him)Get your dirty hands off me,how dare you?(she walked into her car and drove off)

Anita please wait……..wait…wait(he said as he ran after the car)

Getting home he was not himself,that was when he remembered he once got a woman pregnant.And all what they shared,all the promises they made to each other and the first night Anita confessed she was a a virgin.Men don’t cry but Tony cried,he wept like a baby.He called his friend Meshach,so they decided to meet.

You’re not yourself man,what is it??

Tony:(still pacing up and down)I saw Anita,she has totally changed ,she now rides in one brand new Venza.I need to know where my child is,that’s what matters

What a huge success!But its all a waste,you shouldn’t have abandoned her

(Stares at his friend with disbelieve)What did u just say?It was your advice that caused it,your advice kept me away from good people.Your advice turned me into a monster,a monster without a heart.Who knows??maybe that’s the reason why am still suffering with joblessness.

Enough if this nonsense young man,I have my own problems,and mine are worse.So don’t you dare raise your voice at me.You’re jobless so am i,I’ve lost everything,still suffering from a deadly disease and you’re here blabbing about nothing.Couldn’t u make decisions for yourself,you had all the time in the world to amend your mistakes but you didn’t and now you want to put the blame on me,You’re nothing but a looser(he concluded and walked out)

I can’t believe this…….am doomed.
It now dawned on him that he made a mistake but there was no going back,but he jx needed to find a way.But did Meshach just say deadly disease??what’s that suppssed to mean??

One word for Meshach pls!!

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