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Campus Boys - Season 1 - Episode 6
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☆☆☆☆☆~~~Its been two weeks since Tony visited Israel in the office but there was no call from him yet.Tony was really troubled,so he decided to meet him againTony:Guy how come I nor come hear from u again na?I don wait for your call tireIsrael;Sorry about that but Tony lets be sincere with ourselves,u failed the interview and giving the job when i know u are not capable of handling office issues is complicated.It can affect the future of this company,and i can’t let that happenTony:Eh…..soIsrael:Am sorry i can’t offer u the job………..but there’s an American that needs a driver.I’ll try and reach him laterTony:Hmm ok(he stood up and left)Tony was disappointed,he jx began to ponder on the good advices he received from Israel but he never listened to then.He knew very well that he was able to graduate due to the countless numbers of bribing he did,so he just couldn’t blame Israel for anything.He wasnow employed as the white’s man driver,his salary was good as well.He kept Pestering Anita for the child,but one thing that baffles him was that Anita was not seen with the child.He went to Anita’s house severely but there was no sign of a child livingwith her,what could have happened?He started asking himself question,could it be that Anita sold the child?or better still dumpedthe baby in the motherless babies home.He promised himself that this time around,he wasn’t going to take it easy with anybody not even Anita.So if its to collect the child with violence or intimidation,he will gladly do it.He badges into Anita’s compound even without the gate man noticing it,at that time Jude has gone to work already.Tony:Anita……..anita……anita…..where are uAnita:(Sighted him from upstairs and then shecame down)What the hell are u doing here?and who allowed u in?Musa…..musa(he called the gatekeeper who was sleeping)Musa:Ma…..sir…….ma(he ran ran to her with speed,only to receive a hot slap)Anita:Who told you to allow this thing into thiscompound?Musa:Madam…..i nor know when he take enter ooo,(faces Tony)oga…how u take enter my oga madam compoundAnita:Will u get outmusa quickly left and was watching them exchange words through the windowTony:Where is my child??Anita:Oh i see!!You don’t want to give up right?I should have known early that u came to for that.Now listen and listen real good,i don’t have your time ok?Tony:Dont think i came here because of u,you are a past tense in my life.I came because of my child,now where is she?Anita;I see,why that face??u think u can scare me that face?Oh please stop it because it doesn’t suit you.Tony:Where is my child?(he screamed at the top of his voice)Anita:Shut up…shut up and shut up,which child are u talking about?The one u wanted me to abort right?The one u denied?Tony:I want my childAnita:You’re not seriousTony:Is there something you’re not telling me?Maybe u sold her out?Or u dumped her in one of those orphanage aroundAnita:(Bust into laughter)What a man cannot do,a woman can do it a thousand fold.You know that right?Get outTony:Am not going anywhere without my child you s--t!Anita:Me?? S--t!!!hmmmm compliment accepted…now get out,you failure.Tony:I’ll pretend as if I didn’t hear uAnita:Tony……have u built a hux before?Now get out because its a man like u that built this one.You are a disgrace to manhood(she concluded and went inside,then she came back again)Musa……musaMusa:Madam…..Anita:Oya……escort this trash outside(went inside)Tony:Anita….i’ll get back to u….Musa:Oya oga……outside… so my madam talk~~~Now lets assume!!!!if u were Anita would u give him back the child??

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