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Campus Boys - Season 1 - Episode 8
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~Anita quickly bent down,picked her goodies that fell down and held Ella’s handAnita:Baby hurry up;get into the carElla:Ok mummy(hurriedly went to the car and entered)Tony:Could u please stop this madness and listen to meAnita didn’t reply but hurriedly opened her boot,and dropped the items she bought and was heading to the door when suddenly Tony dragged her back and held her handTony:Anita pls……..i know I’ve been a bad guy right from day one,and i have wronged you in every way but please dont deny me the privilege of getting to know my child pls(he begged amidst tears)Anita:Get your hands off me!!!do u realized i am married?Tony….our relationship ended many years ago,whatever thing we shared was destroyed the very day you said u knew me not,and i guess you still remember how u rejected and disgraced me?So what’s the point of begging me?Tony:Anita…..see ehh i promise to make it up to you.Am sorry but please..Anita:(Cuts in)So you can now beg right?I thought u said u were ready for war,why the sudden change of mind?Tony:Anita,i have come to realized that i was wrong.And i need to do things in the right wayAnita:Bravo….interesting but am not moved(gets into her car)Tony:Anita….is she my child?(pointing at Ella)Anita:(looks at him in an irritating way)Of course not,you will never see her(concluded and drove off)Tony:S--t…..**************************Jude wasn’t that comfortable during dinner.It was just somehow,for the first time in years they’ve been married,Jude has never maintained such level of quietness during meals but todays own was different which simply means something was wrongAnita:Honey!!!!!why are u quiet?(she suddenly broke the silence)You can always talk to me,we’re oneJude(stares at her for a while and clears his throat)You see….(he stammered)I had it in mind to tell u this for a very long time but I was scared at what will be your reactionAnita:Hmmm,just talk to me ok(touching his hands)Jude:You see,the hatred you have for this young man is just too much.You might end updoing something really bad to him if he doesn’t stop disturbing you for his child.Honey,its been y.e.ars(stressing the years)why can’t u just find a place in your heart to forgive him.It isn’t that bad you knowAnita:(sighs)Truly speaking,i never knew you wanted to talk about him.But my mind is made up,i don’t want to associate myself with that guy anymore,he is among my past and past can only draw someone back,and am notgoing to allow that to happen.Just chill and enjoy your meal okJude:No honey i can’t,Ella will grow up someday and eventually it will no longer be a secret to her.Anita:Oh i see!!!wait a sec!are you tired of playing the role of a father to her?Is it suddenly boring?Jude:I never said so,Ella is my child and so is Richard(that’s his son),but considering how that young man has been begging for forgiveness,you know na,we are all Christians and there should be a little sympathy.Anita:(drops her spoon and stares into her husbands eyes)So what are u driving at?Jude:Just forgive him,and at least he should see the child.Ella can spend some of her holidays with him,normal outing….and trust me… wouldn’t be a big dealAnita:(Breaths out)But you know what our tradition says,he rejected the child right from my womb and dont u think there will be a problem.Because my Ella,your Ella will never accept that guy as her daddy.Ella knows only one daddyJude:There must be a way out,we can convince Ella.Anita:I’ll think about it but that doesn’t mean I’ve agreed(smiles faintly)Jude:You are one in a million,thanksAnita:Hey….no sweet words,cuz i won’t pay forit when its bed time(abruptly disconnected her hands from his)Jude:Evil mind!!!(smiles too)Two days later,Anita went to the hospital for her usual check up,hey….hope you didn’t forget she’s pregnant.She was so surprised when she met Israel,she didn’t really expect itIsrael:Who am i seeing?Anita:Oh my goodness!!young man….what are you doing here?Wait wait…wait..don’t tell me you’re now a medical doctor(she said after hugging Israel)Israel:Not really,look at you………you are still the same but just that you’re now fatter,more like a mummy(he said trying to describe the words with his hands)Anita:Naughty boy!!you haven’t changed too,just that you……you.. now have(looks at him properly and continued)just that you’re now having a pot belly.Looks like someone is enjoying government moneyIsrael:you can say that again.He said and they burst into laughter for few minutes,other passerby noticed their laughter,they couldn’t help but just wonder why the two adult were laughing like that.Anita:Oh pls stop(trying to control herself)Canu pls be realistic,what are you doing here if you’re not a doctor?Israel:Actually,my wife gave birth and she will be discharged todayAnita:Oh my!!!looks like someone is now a daddy?Israel:Oh yea,not just one but this is my second.Anita:Wow…congratsIsrael:How about you?Anita:(clears her throat)Well,am married with two kids,girl and a boy and as you can see amexpecting(rubs her Tommy with her left hand)Israel:Interesting!!(changes his mood)He is really paying for everything he did to you.I dont need anyone to tell me that you doing very well,cuz its written all over youAnita:Hmmm you know sometimes i really feel bad that Tony ended up that way,but that was exactly how he la!d his bed.Israel:That reminds me,did you get to hear that Meshach was dead?Anita:What?(a little surprised)what happened to him?Israel:Hiv/Aids….do u still want to ask how he contacted it?Anita:Oh poor boy!he is a promiscuous type.They will never listen,how am i sure he even made heaven?(Somehow mockingly)Israel:Na you know oo(smiles)Anita:hmmm(checks her wrist watch)oh no!!!sorry i have to run along,else i won’t meet the doctor.Give me your contactThey exchanged contacts and off they wentAnita:See you some other time ‘mr government’Israel in return gives her a funny smile

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