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Campus Boys - Season 1 - Episode 9
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~~~(Light opens in the village)1st elder:What?No way,tradition remains tradition.If he wants the child,he will appease the gods.2nd elder:Gbam!!!!that settles it3rd elder:Calm down every one,lets allow our daughter to speak first.Anita…say it again let us all hear uAnita:My elders,I greet u.I thank u all for your support.Am a Christian,to err is human and to forgive is divine.Tony made a mistake and I have come to realize that nobody is perfect,we all are bound to make one mistake or the other.That’s why we need to do this in the right way andIst elder:(cuts in)My daughter please hold on,what are you trying to say in essence cuz we don’t know where u are driving at?Anita:Let Tony speakTony:My elders i greet.Please all i want from you is your support,i want my child,and i also want the forgiveness of every one especially that of Anita.2nd elder:Tufia…….Tony,you could have done this a long time ago but it is too late nowAnita’s Uncle:How many years gone?So you want to tell us that you were under the influence of the wicked ones when you denied the baby?Tony:My elders am sorry,please do something(he was already crying)3rd elder:Elders lets consider this young man after all the Anita is not complainingTony’s mum:Elders…..bikonu(knelt down,followed by Tony)Tony’s father was just quiet.2nd elder::Hmmmm,Tony?Tony:Yes sir2nd elder:Is this really repentance or you are just acting?1st elder:Maybe he is back to his senses2nd Elder:Lets hear from our inlaw.Jude,do you have anything to say to this?are u in support?Jude:(stood up)My elders i greet you.Hmm.,my wife has said everything,we cannot deny him his right.The only thing,am going to say is that the child will not be staying with him,she can spend holiday with him,go out for shopping with him,but she won’t stay with him.That’s the only condition attached to it.Ist elder:Fine but what about appeasing the…3rd elder:Maazi,you’re just so stunk to tradition stuff.Since the woman that carried the baby in her womb is not complaining then who are we to complain,we are to stand by her.And you know they are all Christians(he smiles facing Anita)Tony:(Still kneeling)Thank you very much my elders,I greet you allTony’s mum:Thank u eldersAnita:I hope you have learnt your lesson,trust me I weren’t a Christian,you would have neverhad access to the child.Thank God you’ve given your life to Christ.All thanks to GodTony’s father(he finally spoke with a cracky voice)Thank you all for your understandingThey all stood up and hugged each other.Tony went home fulfilled,his mind was at peace.He knew for sure that he was never going to go back to sin again.Since God answered his prayers by giving him a job when he needed one the most,and now he has reconciled with the people he offended,what’s the need to go back to sin again?His joy knew no bound.••••••••••••••••••••••Last episode loading!!!

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