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Careless love - Season 1 - Episode 57
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“Listen Tracy,i don’t care about what you and Linda said or try to do but let me tell you this,i will never call off my wedding with Tony no matter how many proof you guys said and as for Dave, you can do anything you want with him because after all he is my left over and i can’t go back to my left over, i said to her and walked out of her apartment”.

I walked out of her apartment and dialled Tony number.

“Hello my beautiful Lady,how are you doing today,
he replied as soon as he answered it”.

“Listen Tony,i don’t have time for your silly praises right now”
,i replied very angrily.

“My lady is anything the matter?”,
he asked surprisingly.

“Everything is the matter Tony, i can’t believe you are into….

“I am into what Cynthia”,
he cuts in.

“This is not something we can discussed on phone”.

“So would you like us to meet?”,
he asked.

“Yes i would like us to meet right now”.

“Ok i will be waiting for you at the bar i took you to the last time we went out”.

“Very well then,i am on my way there immediately, i replied and went to the bar,i got to the bar and i saw him sitting at a corner waiting for me patiently, i quickly walked up to him but deep inside me i wonder how he got there so fast but that is the least of my problem at that moment so i didn’t pay much attention to that. “Good day”,
i said to him.

“Is everything OK,”
he said to me.

“Why gave you the impression that things are not fine with me?”
I asked him.

“You sounded down on phone and you asked to see me immediately”.

“So you mean i can’t asked to see you any longer?”
I asked.

“No my love that is not what i mean,you know i care about you so much and when you told me you have something to discussed with me immediately i rushed down here”.

“I can see that”
,i replied.

“So what are you going to take?”,
he asked changing the topic.

“I don’t want anything for now,i am fine”,I replied.

“You see what i am talking about,everything is not right with you and you know it, please talk to me,we will be getting married very soon and we cannot start to keep things from each other at this stage”,he replied.

“How can you say that i am keeping things from you when you are you the one that has been hiding your true identity from me all this time”,
i fired at him.

“What do you mean by hiding my true identity from you all this time?”

“Yes Tony, i can’t believe you have be using me all this while”.

“Cynthia please i don’t understand what you are saying, please talk to me”.

Very well then,I will make you understand since you have decided to pretend about this,now answer this question truthfully and please don’t ly to me because i won’t take it lightly with you if i find out that you ly to me”.

“Don’t worry i won’t ly to you, just ask me the question,”[/b] he replied.

“Are you into drugs?”.

“What do you mean by that question, if course i am a medical doctor and i deal in drugs all the time”.

“Don’t try to fool me Tony,you know very well that is not what i meant”.

“Then tell me what you mean please”.

“Do you deal in cocaine, i mean do you sell cocaine?”.

“What, Cynthia how can you even think of such a thing”.

“Answer my question Tony”.

“I don’t know who has been feeding you with all these lies and i don’t want to know but the fact that you believed them is enough reason that you have no single trust for me”.

“I didn’t believed anyone but i just want to ask you to be sure of the man i am marrying”.

“How can you not trust me Cynthia, have i given you any reason to distrust me,why do you have to think so low of me”.

“I am sorry but i just don’t know what to think”.

“What do you mean by you don’t know what to think, how can you even give this a tought not to talk of asking me about it”.

“I said i am sorry, please forgive me,i was confused and that’s why”.

“Is OK my love,i forgive you but please don’t listen to side talk again”.

“I won’t do that again,I promise you that”.

“Thank you so much”.

“There is something i would want you to know about me before we get married”,
i said.

“Really, i am glad that you are willing to tell me something about you”,he replied and i narrated everything that has happened between Dave and i to him excluding the investigation part.

“Do you still have feelings for him,”
he asked.

“No i don’t feel anymore and he is a part of my past now but i just tought that i should tell you about it before we get married”,i replied and he reach out for my hands.

“Thank you so much for trusting me with your secrets”,he said to me sincerely.

“Is OK Tony, i am thinking of returning his ring to him today”.

“Yes please do that as soon as possible so you won’t have anything that ties the two of you together anymore, he said to me and kissed me on my cheeks,we talked about a lot of things and he dropped me off at my apartment”.

“Big sist thank God you are here”
,favour said to me as soon as i got home.

“Is anything the matter”,
i asked.

“That your friend called David came here and made a scene, he demanded to see you and try to force his way Into the compound,thank God mom is not around to witness it”.

“I quickly ran into my room and collected his Ring and left for his apartment but i only got there to witness the worst abomination ever.

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