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Crush to crash  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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What is happening here?

What is happening where Abena? How dare you walk in here without knocking? What do you want? Her mother yelled angrily.

Mother what is wrong? Why are you fuming in anger? Abena asked.

Abena, what did you come to do in Meshac’s room when we were away? To force him to sleep with you? The woman asked angrily.
Wonders shall never end!! Meshac, is that what you told my mother? Abena screamed in shock.
And wait a minute, what triggered that conversation in the first place?

Mummy in fact, what are you doing in Meshac’s room? Abena asked suspiciously.
I owe you no explanation Abena. This is my husband’s house and I decide which room to enter. The woman responded harshly.

And I owe you no explanation either mum. I am fortunate to have a hardworking father who has built a house, and I also decide which room to enter. Abena bantered disrespectfully.

Abena why are you screaming the entire house down? And why are the two of you in Meshac’s room instead of yours? Mr Asum walked in and asked.

Hahahah my husband, it is nothing actually. Abena was only narrating to Meshac and I how she fought a girl in the city. Mrs Asum lied with smiles.

Is that what is warranting this noise? The two of you should take your women issue out of Meshac’s room and allow him to rest. Mr Asum stated unhappily and walked away.

Wow mum, I can see we all have something to protect. Anyway, welcome to the world of secrecy, but make sure, you don’t cross my path for me to expose you. Abena stated and walked out on us.

Meshac, what was that supposed to mean?
Are you very sure you’ve not slept with Abena? Are you sure? Mrs Asum asked.

I can never do such a thing mum. Abena is like a sister to me, but it’s unfortunate she has started lusting after me. I responded smartly.

Stand on your grounds and avoid her, because I can’t share you with my daughter. She cautioned and walked out too.

This is getting serious. Abena is suspecting me with the mother, and the mother is as well suspecting me with the daughter. What a dangerous game. I thought.

Days passed and the enmity between Abena and her mother grew to worse.

I played my cards so well to avoid being caught.
One day, after making love with Abena in her parents absence, she confronted me with questions.

Meshac, what exactly is going on between you and my mother?

What do you think can go on between us? Your mother is my mother as well, and I have no bad intentions for her. I responded.

Seconds through our conversation, I heard Abena’s mother knocking at my door.
Meshac, please open the door! Come on open the door.

Quickly Abena picked up her clothes and hid under the bed.

I hurried to open the door and ushered her in.
Meshac, there is no one in this house. My husband has gone out to visit his friends, and Abena has also gone out to God knows where. Just give me two quick rounds to relax my Sunday afternoon. She whispered in haste and began loosing down.

I got so confused and didn’t know what to do.
What if I tell her Abena is under the bed? No, that will be disaster.

What if I start making love with her? Abena will come out from under the bed out of jealousy. What do I do? I quickly thought.

Meshac what are you still waiting for? Please give it to me. Mrs Asum repeated and pushed me on the bed.

Mum please, I can’t do this. I pleaded.

What is wrong Meshac? Has yesterday’s love making made you weak to that extent? She asked unhappily.

Ssssshhhhh mum! Bring your voice down. I whispered.

I’m whispering already and you are asking me to bring my voice down. Meshac, is everything alright? She asked suspiciously.
I still stood there motionless without knowing what to do.

Meshach, you are behaving weird, and I believe you are hiding something in this room. She stated angrily.

The woman suspiciously began searching the room.

Mummy please, this is not right, you can’t do this to me. I need my privacy. I pleaded with palpitations.

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