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Crush to crash  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Mummy please this is not right, you can’t do this to me. I need my privacy. I pleaded with palpitations.

She continuously searched without uttering a word to me.

Tears began spewing from my eyes.

Whaaaaat! Abena! What in God’s name are you doing under the bed. She screamed in shock.

She angrily pulled Abena out of her hideout. Instantly, I felt like vanishing.

Abena, I ask again for the last time, what the hell are you doing in Meshac’s room naked? She yelled.

Mummy please, don’t be mad at me. Meshac is my brother and I came here to converse with him. Abena responded soberly.

Conversing with your brother whiles naked?
Blood of Jesus! Meshac, so you’ve been sleeping with my virgin daughter all these while? How wicked could you be? Mrs Asum angrily screamed on top of her voice.

I’m sorry mum, I didn’t mean to sleep with her. Abena and I are friends, and the devil led me to do this with her.

I swear Abena, your father must hear this! Mrs Asum threatened and began walking out.

Don’t you dare do that mummy! I have failed you, yes I know, but to let my father in on this, I promise to expose you as well. Don’t forget I was under this bed and I heard everything that transpired between the two of you.

In as much as I faked virginity, you are also faking faithfulness with my father. You are cheating with Meshac right under my father’s roof. Abena interrupted smartly.

Oh really? So you have the guts to match me boot for boot right?

Anyway, I have even changed my mind in involving your father on this issue. If you want me to stay faithful to your father, then go ahead and advise him to learn how to sleep with his wife properly.

And just so you know, Meshac was employed by me, and I choose to do anything I want with him. I warn you from today onwards to stay clearly away from him, or else, you won’t like me. Mrs Asum threatened.

Mummy, before you brought Meshac into this house, he was my fiance. I won’t leave him for you nor any other person. Abena responded harshly.

Please the two of you should tone down before daddy hears this. I’m begging you. I cut in confusedly.

Then talk to this woman who calls herself a married woman. Let her know that you are mine. Abena responded angrily and walked out on us.

Meshac, have you seen what you’ve caused? How on earth could you sleep with my daughter and I? How could you? Mrs Asum turned at me in anger.

Mum please spare me this drama. You forced me into this in the first place, so what do you expect of me? I responded unhappily.
Before I could spew more words, she slapped me so hard in the face.

The next time you talk to me this way, you will see the darkest side of me!

Instead of showing remorse, you are here faking swag. How dare you! She yelled in anger and walked out on me.

God d--n it! What kind of nonsense have I got myself into? How could I be this cheap and vulnerable to nonsense? I thought angrily as I sat on my bed.

What next Meshac? Leave this house, or stay and extort money from the h---y mother and daughter through my sexual services? I thought.
Days passed, and I refused to go to the shop to help them sell.

Mr Asum then confronted me one day.
Meshac, what is happening? Why haven’t you been going to the shop? Are you alright? He asked.

I’m not feeling too well daddy. I lied.
Sorry about that, but how come nobody has informed me? He rhetorically asked.
Anyway, Mr Quansah Daniels has passed on this morning, and I am going to their house to extend my condolences to the widow. I will buy you medicine on my way back. He added.
What! Mr Daniels? What happened? How? When? I screamed in dismay.

Why are you screaming like this Meshac? Do you know him that much? Mr Asum asked.
Yes daddy. The daughter, Esi Daniels is my very good friend. I responded.

Oh sorry about that. Then join me in the car and let’s go and console them. He suggested.
I quickly entered the car and we set off to Esi’s house.

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