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Crush to crash  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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I quickly entered the car and we set off to Esi’s house.

On arrival, I saw Esi rolling on the floor whiles people held her mother in consolation.
I hurriedly went to help Esi onto her feet.
It was a miserable sight to behold.

I consoled her all I can, but the pain was too much for her to bear.

Esi please calm down, your God will never forsake you. I stated.

I’m devastated Meshac, who is going to take care of this family? How could death be this cruel? Esi responded in tears.

Minutes later, Mr Asum and I asked permission to go back home.

Esi, I am so sorry for your loss, but please, stay strong. I promise to come back to see you. I assured and we left.

I got home sadly and threw myself on the bed.
God why? Why is Esi going through so much pain? After breaking her heart for this cheap slot Abena, she has as well lost her father. I thought with my eyes full of tears.

Minutes later, Abena walked into my room in anger.

Meshac, I thought you’ve broken up with Esi, so why did you go to her house? She asked angrily.

Abena, I owe you no explanation as to what I do with my life! Esi was my heartbeat until you came into the scene to ruin everything.

Afterwards, what did I get? Betrayal from you and that torn in my flesh, Mensa.

I am only making this mistake of sleeping with you again just to save my job. So you don’t have any right or whatsoever to question me. I responded angrily.

Oh really? Meshac, don’t forget your secrets are with me. If you dare hurt me, I will spill everything out. And you know what that means. Abena threatened.

What secret are you talking about Abena? I asked.

The secret of you sleeping with my mother. She answered.

Well madam secret teller, don’t forget I’ve slept with a fake virgin like you as well, and that is enough secret to make your father disown you. I threatened back.

Now, leave my room before I push you out. I angrily yelled.

Meshac, it is me or no one else. I promise to get back at you. She responded and walked out.
I didn’t even know what I was up to. I couldn’t think straight.

I like Esi, but she has no money to offer me.
I don’t love Mrs Asum, but she has what I need, and that is money.

Now, Abena is also in the scene threatening me with secrets. What at all should I do? I thought.

A week later, Mr Asum called me into his room.
Meshac, like I told you sometime back, I am grooming Abena for the man she was betrothed to, and the time has come for me to take her to him.

She is going to stay with him for two weeks to learn the royal activities, and I can’t let her go alone. I have to go with her. You and my wife will be left alone in this house, please take good care of this house while we are away. And make sure, no one comes here to steal. Mr Asum narrated.

This is wonderful daddy. I can’t believe Abena will soon be the Queen mother of Asemmra. I wish her well. I responded.

And daddy, I promise to be the man of this house, everything will be intact till you return. I added.

Late that night, when everyone else was sleeping, Abena sneaked into my room.
What do you want here Abena? You are supposed to be sleeping for tomorrow’s journey. I whispered.

That is why I’m here Meshac. I will be missing you so much and I need you to make love to me. She whispered back.

This is insane. First of all, I am thinking of how you are going to restore your virginity to marry that chief, and here you are thinking of s-x with me. I answered unhappily.

Meshac, leave that one to me. I know how to handle that chief without problems. I won’t be able to restore my virginity, but I will satisfy him in bed to make him know that, some guilts are better than, innocence. Abena responded confidently and began touching me.

In as much as I wanted to resist, it felt so good.
I quickly gave in and jumped up on her.
I held her firm boobs in between my fingers and began pressing them with sweetness through my spine.

She m0an softly and sexily to the ecstasy.
Mmmmm Meshach, leave your memories with meeeee! Just f--k me. She whispered.

I thrusted her so deep and gave her a fast ride of delight.

Her p---y opened and closed to accept my ejaculation proposal.

After half an hour of f-----g her from behind, I lifted her against the wall and began banging her like never before.

We made love for so many minutes until I could no longer move my waist.

We changed positions and f----d as many times as we could until it was 4am, and Abena tiptoed back into her room.

As early as 6am, she embarked on the journey with her father.

I la!d exhausted in bed until I heard someone calling me.

Meshac!!!! Please come out! I need to talk to you. It was Mrs Asum.

I quickly wore my shirt and went out to meet her.

Meshac, please let’s talk in my room. She stated and led me into her room.

She offered me a seat and we began talking.
Meshac, I am very sorry for laying my hands on you the last time. The truth is that, I felt deceived. She explained.

I know you are mad at me, that is why you have refused to come to the shop. Please put everything behind you and let’s move on as lovers. She added.

Mummy, I hold nothing against you, except for the fact that, I can no longer sleep with you for free. Every round from now onwards, must come with a payment. I responded.

What! Meshac, what has come over you? Don’t you sleep with Abena for free? So why are you charging me?

Just last night, I was about entering your room when I heard you and Abena making love, how much did she pay you? She asked unhappily.
Abena isn’t anybody’s wife, but you are.
You’ve been used by your husband for so many years, and I am the one doing the maintenance. Do you expect me to do it for free? I asked.

Meshac please come down with your charges. I can’t pay for every round, I can only make payment on monthly basis. She pleaded.
Well, I will think about it and get back to you. I responded.

Alright then, let me make a deposit. She stated and placed 50cedis in her brazier.

Meshac, this money I just put in my brazier is yours, please come and take it. She whispered softly.

Wow, what a romantic payment module. I thought happily and walked towards her on the bed.

Slowly, I pushed her down. I gently unzipped her dress, and romantically opened her brazier with my teeth.

Mrs Asum began to m0an softly.

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